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Text to Landline

Now Your Business Can Receive Text Messages on Your Landline

Your business is probably already getting text messages being sent to your long-time landline. The problem is that you'd never know it. Just how many business opportunities have you missed from people (especially Millennials) who prefer to text you?

How Does Text to Landline Work?

With TextAnytime, you can text enable your business or residential landline. When a customer sends a text to the landline, it will show up on your computer, tablet, or phablet, and you'll respond from there.

Of course, your existing home or office fixed line phone can't actually receive an SMS. You'll simply interact with the consumer through a website.

Why You Need Text to Landline

What Do You Need to Do?

Almost nothing. The only thing you actually need to do is provide us with proof of ownership of the phone number. That is usually accomplished simply by sending us a copy of your phone bill.

The combination of text message marketing, ringless voicemail, and Text to Landline will greatly enhance your business communication needs.

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