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SMS Text Message Marketing with Short Codes

Text Message Marketing Service is the Pillar that Holds Up the Mobile Marketing Building

SMS Text Message Marketing via a short code is the workhorse of mobile marketing. It blends seamlessly with your email marketing and will likely be far more productive. If you can only afford to do one thing in marketing to customers via mobile, it should be text message marketing.

In the last year, the biggest growth area in text message use has come from the 45-54 year-old age group. [Click to enlarge]

Text Message Marketing is Opt-In Marketing

Some people call us and think that we have these massive lists of phone numbers waiting for you to spam your text message to. It doesn’t work that way. In fact, recent regulations in the USA have made the mobile marketing opt-in process more difficult than it has been in the past.

To send a text message to a consumer, you must have a verifiable, written consent, opt-in from the consumer. This can be obtained in a variety of ways, but the most common way is through an interactive text message program through a short code. (Text RESULTS to 84444; msg&data rates apply.)

While creating an opt-in list may seem like a daunting task, it’s precisely why text message marketing will offer the best ROI of any mobile marketing that you do, because your consumers WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR MESSAGE. Simply add your interactive text message promotion to your existing advertising and you’ll begin building your opt-in database.

Send 10 or 10,000 Messages in Minutes with a Single Click

Once you’ve established your opt-in database, you can send broadcast text messages to the opt-ins. Since 97% of all text messages are read, compared to 27% of your emails, you know your message is reaching its intended target.

What a great way to generate business on traditionally slow nights. That’s why text message marketing for restaurants is so effective.

Concierge Text Messaging Marketing Services

We know that marketing by text message isn’t something that you do every day. So, our mobile marketing consultants are able to provide the creative, database management, and results analysis for you. We’ll follow the text message marketing tips that will drive bottom-line, verifiable results to your business.

Or, if you prefer to do-it-yourself, you can use our 84444 text message marketing site in both the USA and Canada. One of the really cool things we’ve done is secured the same 84444 short code in both countries. We know that the same advertising is seen in the United States and Canada, so why not have your mobile marketing advertising work on both sides of the border!

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