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Ringless Voicemail for Outbound Automated Telemarketing

Ringless voicemail technology is a great tool for delivering messages to consumers or prospects without annoying interruptions.

No More Interruptions


It's the worst thing about an automated outbound call.

But, now, Advanced Telecom Services has made the annoying automated, outbound, telemarketing call a thing of the past with Ringless Voicemail. With Ringless Voicemail, you leave an automated message on the voice mail of the consumer without the phone ever ringing!

There are numerous reasons why you’d select ringless voicemail over other forms of outbound telemarketing or robocalls:

Best of all, your customer or prospect will never know that you are using an automated system since their phone never rings. That's why most of our customers use a casual message that mimics an actual human making an outbound phone call and reaching a voice mail.

How Do We Do It?

Ringless voicemail is not a traditional phone call. Instead, it delivers your message through the interface of the local phone company software and its voice mail system.

Since it's not a traditional phone call, it may be exempt from telemarketing laws, although we do always encourage you to get an opt-in from your customers prior to sending them any message. Consult your own attorney for advice.

The success rate with reaching mobile phones with ringless voicemail is over 85%. In some cases, it may not work as you had intended, only because the recipient hasn’t properly set up his/her voicemail on the mobile. For landlines, and especially business landlines, the success rate is less usually because of extensions required on office landlines.

Perfect for Sales Prospecting

Ringless voicemail is a salesperson's best friend. Since most sales calls end up on voicemail anyway, ringless voicemail is a way to leave a message for your customer or prospect without the monotony and hard work of dialing them all individually! Moreover, since your message is recorded, you can be at your best on every message you provide.

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