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Web Development for Desktop and Mobile

If you can't navigate a mobile website with your thumb, it's not mobile ready. TAKE THE THUMB TEST!

Make Your Website Work Across All Devices

The rapid adoption of mobile has created an always online culture where the ability to communicate, research, purchase, and be entertained is never more than an arms-length away. That means that your audience’s first impression of your brand may be on a PC, a tablet, a smartphone, or a feature phone. You need to be where your audience is and delight your mobile visitors with a user experience that is the same on each of these very different devices.

Sixty-one percent of consumers will leave your website for a competitor’s if it doesn’t provide a positive mobile experience. So, it simply makes good business sense to have a mobile version of your desktop website.

Responsive & Adaptive Design: One Site, All Devices

But, the problem is, we are dealing with a spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions that are broadening every day. You simply can’t keep up!

With responsive design (or adaptive design for more complex sites), you can create one site that delivers an optimized experience on all devices and screen sizes. No information is stripped out like with a mobile website. The design simply changes on the fly based on the device being used, thus offering the best possible mobile user experience.

So many screen sizes. Just one responsive design website.

There are numerous advantages to responsive/adaptive design versus a mobile website:

It’s safe to say that if you aren’t already running a mobile version of your business site, fixing this should be an immediate priority for you. By using responsive/adaptive design, you not only become mobile-optimized but you get a revised desktop website at the same time.

Special opportunity here for Philadelphia web design.

Device size comparison chart courtesy of Gizmag.

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