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Pay Per Click Management

Our PPC Management Focuses on Delivering Conversions, Not Clicks

To most businesses, pay per click management is a “set it and forget it” activity. You're busy running your business, but you want that extra traffic so you take the time to set up your PPC campaign and then one day, you get a large bill and you decide that it may require some adjustments.

Pay Per Click is expensive and ever-changing, and you have to treat it with the attention that it deserves if you want to maximize your ROI. It takes time. It takes time, and expertise, that you may not have.

We'll Save You Money Even Though You are Paying Us to Manage Your PPC

It seems counter-intuitive. You are increasing your costs, but you are going to make more money in the long run. But, that's exactly what you'll get with our pay per click management services.

By looking at your conversion results by keyword, by geography, and by a multitude of other factors, you'll get more clicks that actually convert to paying customers. You'll utilize ads that are targeted to the keyword itself. You'll start bidding on less costly long-tail keywords. And, you'll see the benefit that good copywriting gives to click throughs for your best customers.

Pay Per Click Management Services

Here's what you'll get to improve your pay per click performance:

With Pay Per Click management services from ATS Mobile, you'll get more traffic that is better targeted and less costly, thus increasing the value of your PPC efforts. Coupled with an SEO strategy, you'll see your ROI increase dramatically from your search engine marketing.

We won't set it and forget it.


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