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Case Studies

Holland Trucking Microsite

Holland Trucking Recruitment Drive

In the highly competitive transportation and freight industry, trucking companies are constantly searching for a stable lineup of drivers. Holland Trucking, industry recognized for the most next-day service lanes in its trucking territory, was searching for a supplemental recruiting solution to attract more drivers throughout in its markets to beef up its workforce.

To maximize efficiency for Holland’s ad budget, ATS Mobile launched its mobile ad platform to include geo-fencing, the ability to serve mobile ads to potential recruits within a five mile radius of pre-determined truck stops in Holland’s Midwestern footprint. When potential employees browsed mobile apps and websites that skewed towards a male demographic that were pre-selected for the campaign, they were served with an ad banner. Once the interaction commenced, recipients linked to a responsively designed website landing page that listed job opportunities, and when they clicked on a job listing moved on to a page detailing the position along with details of how to apply on Holland’s app. The keyword/shortcode interaction built an opt-in data base of qualified candidates, and the system sent candidates to the app that featured an easy to fill out application, or they received an online email link to the form if they could not download the app.

The wide-ranging campaign received over 4.43 million impressions via mobile devices, and the ad banners achieved 22,000 total clicks resulting in a 0.60% CTR. The direct link in the campaign flow to the company’s mobile site and application page resulted in increased traffic on the company’s employment pages.

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