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Our Short Code Messaging Works on Both Sides of the Border

For almost 26 years, ATS has been involved in the IVR business.  And, one of the great things about IVR is that if you set up a toll free 800 number service in either the United States or Canada, it will travel cross border.

Not so when it comes to short code messaging.  Text message marketing by short code is unique to both the USA and Canada.  Meaning, that you need to set up your services with vendors on both sides of the border.

But, ATS has taken a bit of the pain out of that by securing the same short code in both the US and Canada.  Thus, there’s no need to change your advertising and if you get spill over customers in the other country, it will work just the same, because your services are activated with both the American and Canadian carriers.


Smartphone Use by Age Group

It’s always interesting to see that even older Americans are now jumping on the smartphone bandwagon.  Do I hear apps?

These mobile statistics follow up a study from August which showed Orlando as the top American city for smartphone ownership.


smartphone use age

2014 Smartphone Use by Age Group – USA


ATS Mobile is Hiring – Sales – USA & Canada

Looking for a career in the exciting world of mobile marketing?

ATS Mobile has two openings in its sales department.

  • Mobile Marketing Manager — Based in its suburban Philadelphia headquarters.  Experienced candidates from other parts of the country will be considered.
  • Regional Sales Manager — A great opportunity to build a business from being an account manager into being a manager of a satellite office.  Toronto area preferred, although all candidates considered.

For more details about the available positions, please click here.


sales jobs in mobile marketing

Sales Jobs available in Toronto and Philly.


Smartphone Penetration Hits 62% in US

The percentage of Americans that own smartphones just keeps on climbing, according to a new study by comScore.  The September numbers are up a full 2% more than the July study by the same group.  The USA, however, ranks just 13th among all countries in smartphone ownership and Canada is 14th according to this study.


smartphone ownership 2013

62% of US mobile owners now have smartphones.


US Ranks 13th in Smartphone Ownership, Canada 14th

When it comes to smartphones, you want to have been selling them in the United Arab Emerates, not the United States or Canada, according to recent statistics released by Google.

Previous studies have looked at iPhone ownership demographics and the overall demographics of smartphone ownership in the USA.

Scandinavian countries continue to be popular for smartphone ownership as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have always been mobile pacesetters.  The United Kingdom, where ATS also maintains an office, comes in at 62%, good enough for 9th place.

smartphone ownership percentages by country

The USA ranks 13th in overall smartphone ownership.

Graph reprinted from Statista Chart of the Day.



Smartphone Penetration Reaches 57%

The percentage of Americans with smartphones reached 57% in February, 2013.  It’s now been 40 years since the first cell phone call so Happy Birthday Mobile Phones.

smartphone ownership percent in USA

57% of Americans now own smartphones


QR Code Scan Rates by Country

This study from Nielsen shows that 24% of Americans with smartphones had scanned a QR code within the past 30 days. Smartphone users in South Korea and Turkey were most likely to be QR Code scanners at 38%.

Want to see the largest gallery of Custom QR Codes in the world? Check it out here.



Study: Young Americans Scan QR Codes More Than Europeans


QR Code scanning in London

Despite efforts by the BBC, Europeans are less avid qr code scanners than are young Americans.


When it comes to QR Code scans, the USA is #1.  According to a recent study by Pitney Bowes, more Americans are scanning QR codes than our European friends are.  The same study showed that 19% of all Americans had scanned a QR code.


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