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US Network Operator Share of Total Mobile Market

According to comScore MobiLens (3 month. average ending Dec-2011), it was found that the four largest mobile network providers – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile  accounted for nearly 78 percent  of the total U.S. mobile subscriber market. Verizon led the U.S. mobile market as the carrier for 31.6 percent of mobile subscribers. AT&T ranked second at 26.3 percent, followed by Sprint (10.5 percent) and T-Mobile (9.5 percent).

But the smartphone market shows a different scenario, with AT&T accounting for the largest share at 33.5 percent, Verizon ranked second which accounted for 30.4 percent share. Sprint, which also saw the iPhone debut on its network near the end of 2011, reached 13.7 percent of smartphone subscribers, while T-Mobile accounted for 11.3 percent.

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