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SALES: Why Your Voicemails are Failing

Ringless Voicemail is a Much Better Way to Reach Prospects

Voicemails are alive and well, but salespeople don’t know the best way to leave them.  That’s the problem.  Not that people don’t listen to voicemails anymore.ringless voicemail sales

Companies are losing out on sales and salespersons are losing out on commissions and bonuses, because sales pros simply aren’t leaving voicemail messages.  And, if they do leave a message, it’s likely out of frustration (that often shows up in their voice) and the salesperson simply says whatever comes to mind at that moment.  Filler words such as “ums” make the sales rep sound like a bumbling knucklehead and most people try to avoid returning calls to knuckleheads.  Give them a compelling reason to call you back!

The fact is that, with caller ID and people being busier than ever, it is very rare that a business person even answers the first time a sales rep calls.  Add on that the average salesperson only makes 1.7 attempts  before giving up and there’s no way that recipient is ever going to result in a closed deal.

Sales is a numbers game.  According to Inside Sales, leaving a voicemail gets about a 4% chance of a return call.  That means that a salesperson needs to leave his or her crappy message on voicemails 25 times before getting a return call.  Even the best sales reps probably aren’t making many more cold calls than 25 per day.  Sure, they’ll tell you they made 100, but whatever number they give, you can bet it was less.

What if your sales reps could leave a hundred, or even a thousand, voicemails per day?  And, what if they could leave their very best voicemail message in an excited voice and offer a concise and strategic reason for the prospect to call back.  You know, like every voicemail left is their best effort.  Every voicemail left is like the one they’d leave if this were the equivalent of the seventh game of the World Series.

With ringless voicemail, this is all possible.  That’s because he or she can leave many automated voicemail messages to generate new business leads.  Prospecting is taken care of while the rep is working with direct contacts to generate additional business out of existing customers.  After all, that’s much easier to do and much more lucrative to the business as well.

Ringless voicemail is a salesperson’s best weapon.



A Heart-Warming Email from an Ex-Employee

Employee appreciation

One of the mantras that I’ve always lived by is that:

“Our Employees are our Greatest Asset”

But, every now and then, something happens when I realize that I’ve made a positive impact on the life of somebody else.  Such an impact was obviously made when I received this email today from an employee that worked for ATS over twenty years ago.

Hope you have a great weekend. 22 years later, I want to say THANK YOU for investing in sending me to the Dale Carnegie Sales Training.

I still use some of the strategies and learnings from the multi-week course. Only years later, can I truly appreciate your generosity.

Thanks again and enjoy the weekend! Hope all is well with the business and Bentz family.

I can’t tell you how much that email meant to me so I wanted to share it with our blog readers.

Say something nice to somebody today.  It will make their day.


Clever Use for Ringless Voicemail

Santa Claus is Coming to Town Your Phone

It seems from the attendance at our office and the offices of our customers this week that everybody is in the Christmas spirit these days.

So, we decided to take advantage of that fact by doing a clever ringless voicemail campaign for our and customers.

Ringless voicemail gives businesses the ability to send large amounts of automated phone calls to its customer or prospect list.  But, really, who wants to receive an automated phone call today?

That’s where ringless voicemail is so much better than automated phone calls.  With ringless voicemail, you never interrupt the busy day of your recipient.  Instead, you leave a voicemail on their mobile or landline phone without ever having to ring the phone!

It’s magical!

Ringless voicemail is a terrific add-on product to your existing text message marketing, because it gives your product additional frequency.

And, who’s not going to listen to a message from Santa Claus?


Smartphone Sales Second Quarter 2012

Smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2012 showed a decline over the same period in 2011 as less Americans needed to upgrade from their feature phones to the newer smartphones.

Apple closed the gap on Android and now has 1/3 of the overall market share.  Blackberry continued its demise and now controls just 6% of the USA market for smartphones.


Apple iPad Sales Soar

Apple’s new 3G iPhone is helping spur sales growth.

Over 2/3 of all cell phones sold in 2012 have been smartphones.  Hence, smartphone penetration has now exceeded 50% in the USA.  While Android is the dominant smartphone OS, Apple’s iPhone sales continue to flourish.

Apple soared past analysts’ expectations, reporting on Tuesday a nearly 60% increase in sales and a 94% rise in profits in its fiscal second quarter compared with a year earlier. The company sold 35.1 million iPhones, many of them in China, where sales leaped by 400%. Analysts had feared lower-priced rivals would eat into iPhone sales, but the report “shows they are able to maintain their pricing without compromising on growth,” said Michael Holt, a Morningstar analyst. Sales of iPads grew 151% to 11.8 million units. Verizon Wireless and AT&T together sold 7.5 million iPhones and are prospering from data services sold through the smartphone.


Novel Idea

In Spain, trains are showing QR Codes to allow riders to download the first chapter of a book.  What a great way to get people hooked on your book and get them to buy the entire product!

With this product, I wouldn’t have to sit in the book store and get dirty looks when I read the first chapter there.

QR Codes for book sales

Scan the QR Code, get the first chapter of a book.

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