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Why Should I Pay For A QR Code?

One of the most frequently asked question in the realm of QR Codes is “Why should I pay for a QR Code if I can make them for free?” Today you will notice that QR Codes are taking over the advertising space on almost everything. Many users are going generating their own free black and white QR Codes, as others are paying specialists.

The most important piece of a QR Campaign is: Having the QR Code Work. Many companies are trying to customize QR codes without caring about its scan rates. QR Codes should be considered as the eye catcher, but once you pull them in you need to keep them there. If you display a QR Code without a mobile backend, your consumers experience will be ruined.

When you pay for a QR Code you will ultimately have many more unique features including the following:

  1. Customized QR code with Company Branding and Color Scheme
  2. QR Code Tracking
  3. The Ability To Change Your Destination
  4. Mobile Back-End Capabilities
  5. Device Recognition for App Downloads (iPhone, iPad, Android)
  6. Printing Support
  7. Custom Sizing
  8. Placement Advice
  9. Text Message Marketing Opportunities
  10. Higher Scan Rate percentage
  11. Lower Scan Error Percentage

With Christmas being next door, and the New Year on its way; we will become more aware of custom QR Codes. If you’re QR Code was not scanned this season, think of going custom, or adding a Text Message marketing Campaign.

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