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Half of Cell Users Have Smartphones

According to the Nielsen estimate, based on a survey of more than  20,000 mobile users, it was found that half of the mobile users now own a smartphone. As of February 2012, the number of mobile subscribers with smartphone is 49.7% while it was 36% on February 2011, reflecting a 38% increase. Moreover, more than two-thirds who bought a new handset in the last three months chose a smartphone over a feature phone.

While choosing smartphone operating systems, it was found that Android maintained a authoritative lead, with a 48% share of the market, followed by iOS at 32.1%. BlackBerry phones represented another 11.6%, down from 14.9% in December 2011. Recent trends indicate that Apple is taking more share from BlackBerry and other competitors, including Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

Windows Phone could get a much-needed boost when AT&T launches Nokia’s Lumia 900 this April. The carrier has planned a major push behind the Windows Phone-powered smartphone, priced at $99.99.


43% of Americans Now Smartphone Owners

Smartphone use hits 43% in USA


According to new third-quarter 2011 data from Nielsen, 43% of U.S. consumers now own smartphones — up 5 percentage points in the past six months. Within that 43%, according to Nielsen, Android has 43% of the market and the iPhone has 28%, i.e., “exactly where they were three months ago,” Fortune points out.

“In the rapidly growing U.S. smartphone market, Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone seem to have reached a steady state,” Fortune writes. “What is changing is the rate at which different age groups are switching from dumb phones to smart ones.”

Young adults, in particular, are now more likely to own a smartphone. (See the numbers below for smartphone ownership by age in the USA.)  Indeed, 62% of U.S. consumers ages 25-34 who own any kind of mobile phone now own a smartphone, according to Nielsen. Among 18-24 and 35- to 44-year-olds, the smartphone penetration rate is about 54%. Meanwhile, about 40% of teens 12-17 years old, and 40% of 45- to 54-year-olds now report owning a smartphone. Also of note, the second fastest-growing smartphone penetration rate is those aged 55-64.

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