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Non-Traditional Revenue Can Help Newspapers Regain Lost Revenue

As more and more newspapers cut back on print to save costs, they are putting additional emphasis on the digital newspaper.  There’s just one problem: revenue from the digital newspaper is not keeping pace.

For first quarter 2012, digital advertising revenue at newspapers rose just 1 percent from a year ago.  That’s the fifth consecutive quarter that growth has declined, according to the Newspaper Association of America.

The New York Times Co gets 10 percent of its revenue from digital ad sales and 35 percent from print ads. Print and digital subscriptions generate 48 percent of revenue. What is frightening for newspapers like the New York Times is that it saw its digital ad revenue decline by 2.3% in the first quarter 2012.

For an industry savaged by declining advertising revenue, making more money from the digital newspaper makes a lot of sense.  But, there’s a lot of competition for digital ad dollars and the newspaper faces competitors online that it never faced when people had the newspaper thrown in their driveway every day.

That’s why adding non-traditional revenue sources to a digital newspaper is such a vital thing to do.  With services such as ATS’s online dating product, the solution is completely turnkey so no newspaper employees need to get involved.  Just place the link on the digital newspaper and cash the checks each month.

One such newspaper is which uses the MatchLink product from Advanced Telecom Services.  GoErie has a DATING link in its top nav bar and readers can go here to interact with the online dating solution.


Digital Newspapers Growth Benefits Online Dating Product

Digitial Newspaper Web sites drew 113 million unique visitors per month in the first quarter of 2012.  That correlates to a 4.4% increase from the first quarter of 2011.  The study was done by comScore data and was cited by the Newspaper Association of America.

The total number of minutes spent on newspaper Web sites increased by 6.9%, according to the same study. Over this period, the number of page views increased 1.4%. The average number of visits per user was 9.77 per month, thus showing that digital newspaper users are regular users that will benefit from consistent frequency.

Newspapers have to be pleased with the demographics of their users.  The number of average daily visitors in the 18-to-24 age group increased 10% and the number of visitors in the 21 to 34 age group increased by 7% over the same period.  Of 18 to 34-year-olds, 48% said they read only digital newspaper content, and another 34% said they read both print and digital newspapers, while just 24% who said they read only print newspapers.

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Newspaper Online Revenues 2011

Newspapers online showed 10% growth

One bright spot for the newspaper industry has been its continued increase in revenues from its online advertising revenues.  The first quarter, 2011, revenues from the Newspaper Association of America showed a 10.6% increase in online earnings from $730 million to $807 million.

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Tablets Drive Digital Newspapers

Based on the latest projections from Price Waterhouse Coopers, tablets and smartphones will continue to drive digital newspapers and advertising revenues to new heights by 2015.  By 2015, digital newspapers circulation will top 4.6 million, up from just 1.5 million in 2010.

By offering additional services like online dating sites to newspapers, the digital newspaper will become more relevant to singles and younger adults.  Moreover, the tablet better enables singles to navigate the many profiles that exist on a large database singles online dating site like the MatchLink product that is offered by Advanced Telecom Services.


Strike Three for Newspapers

Like most middle-aged guys, newspapers have been a big part of my life.

Newspaper and golden retriever

My first job was delivering newspapers.  I majored in journalism in college when print media still ruled.  My breakfast as a child and teen was not complete without checking out the box scores from the night before.

In fact, I recall my parents, in a moment of austerity, threatening to cancel the afternoon edition of the newspaper, and save $1.35 per week, in my then hometown of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  I’d have none of it.  How else would I get the west coast scores that were too late to be included in the morning edition of The Patriot-News?

In 1900, there were 600 cities in the USA that had two daily newspapers.  Today, there are 6.  We’ve stopped counting the two-newspaper towns and are instead starting to count the no newspaper towns.

Times have certainly changed.  A teenage baseball fan gets his baseball information from SportsCenter.  That is, if his local cable or satellite company doesn’t also include MLB Network.  That is, if he hasn’t already been online to check out the baseball results or received information from his Facebook or Twitter account.  Or, watched the game on MLB At Bat app on his smartphone!

Do you think that the teenage baseball fan of today is willing to wait for the evening edition of the newspaper to get the west coast results?

I still get the newspaper, but every time I read it, I feel old-fashioned.  I get it for two reasons really.  I get it because I want to clip the high school softball results for my daughter’s scrapbook that I keep for her.  I also continue to get it for another unlikely reason: it is the highlight of my golden retriever’s day when he runs out in the morning to get the newspaper.  Ironically, the only one who can’t read in our family, my dog, would be the one most disappointed if we cancelled our subscription.

But, it’s not all timber for the newspaper industry.  According to comScore, 57% of the American online internet audience visited a newspaper web site in 2010.  More than 32 million visit the New York Times online newspaper alone in a month.  I don’t feel old-fashioned reading today.

And, I don’t have to wait for the afternoon to get the Dodgers scores.

Bob Bentz is President of Advanced Telecom Services which provides MatchLink — an online dating solution to newspapers.  You can follow him on Twitter @BobBentz or you can just wait outside his home and leave a message for him when his golden retriever gets the newspaper each morning.


Online Advertising Now Bigger than Newspaper Ads

In 2010, for the first time ever, advertising online has surpassed advertising in newspapers. In 2011, online advertising is anticipated to be $25.8 billion versus $22.8 billion for newspapers.

Total advertising in the USA is expected to rise 3% this year to a total of $168.5 billion. Spending on newspaper print ads will decline by 8.2% in 2010 and is anticipated to decline by another 6% in 2011. While it was a bad year for advertising, it was not nearly as bad as the advertising statistics for 2009.

Online Advertising Exceeds Newspaper Advertising
Online Advertising Exceeds Newspaper Advertising

Advanced Telecom Services offers its MatchLink online dating solution as a new source of NTR for newspapers. Newspapers can simply link its online news sites to the community building online dating site and immediately begin receiving additional revenue.


Top Newspaper Web Sites

The New York Times, an Advanced Telecom Services customer for personals, is the most visited site in the nation among print publications.

Advanced Telecom Services offers an online dating solution for newspapers and radio stations to promote a custom web site with the look and feel of the media partner, but with the power of the database in the background.  It’s a great source of NTR for the media partner and a great builder of community.


Top 10 Visited U.S. Print Media Websites, September 2010
Rank Website Market Share Of Visits
1 The New York Times 4.44%
2 USA Today 2.81%
3 People Magazine 1.90%
4 The Washington Post 1.80%
5 TV 1.64%
6 Sports Illustrated 1.19%
7 The Wall Street Journal 1.19%
8 NY Daily News 1.13%
9 Boston Globe 0.93%
10 Examiner 0.93%
Note: The Hitwise data featured is based on U.S. market share of visits as defined by the IAB, which is the percentage of online traffic to the domain or category, from the Hitwise sample of 10 million U.S. Internet users. Hitwise measures more than 1 million unique websites on a daily basis, including sub-domains of larger websites. Hitwise categorizes websites into industries on the basis of subject matter and content, as well as market orientation and competitive context. The market share of visits percentage does not include traffic for all sub-domains of certain websites that could be reported on separately.
Source: Hitwise

Radio Newspapers Love Online Dating

newspaper online datingNTR: ONLINE DATING means $ for radio and newspapers.

In 1998, radio advertising revenues in the United States were $15 billion.  This represented an 11.1% share of total ad spending.

A dozen years later, in 2010, advertising revenues are anticipated to be $14.3 billion which represents just a 7.8% share of total ad spending (Media Business Report).

Newspapers have fared much worse.  In 1998, newspaper advertising represented the largest portion of the local advertising pie at 43.7%.  Today, newspapers have only 30%.

Neither of these figures, however, count the revenue generated from a radio station or a newspaper’s online presence.  This segment is becoming increasingly important for both mediums.  As radio stations and newspapers become more comfortable with online and mobile applications and develop new revenue models in these media, the industry will be well positioned to market incremental opportunities to advertisers.

One such opportunity that a radio station or newspaper can utilize is to sponsor an online dating site that is promoted on its web site.  Such a site helps to build the community aspect of the medium, which is especially vital to a radio station.  In addition, a newspaper web site can also benefit from an online dating solution by offering an additional service to its readers.

The best thing about a media entity offering an online dating solution is that it’s just so easy.  All you have to do is promote the internet dating site with a banner ad or link from the web site.  Of course, it would be great if remnanet ROS air time or advertising space were available, but that is not a requirement.

Advanced Telecom Services can provide your radio station or newspaper with a custom web site that uses the look and feel of your medium.  The best thing, however, is this unique web site is powered by the largest singles database in the country.

All you need to do is promote the online dating solution and we’ll send you a check every month!

How’s that for NTR?

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