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ATS Mobile Capabilities

Our Mobile Marketing Product Line

At ATS Mobile, we do so many things that sometimes it’s kind of hard to keep track of them.  That’s why we’ve put together this presentation to give you an overview of what it is that we exactly do from a product perspective.

Of course, what we really do is talk to you and find out what your needs are, then come up with a strategy to drive digital and mobile engagement with your customers.


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Mobile Websites for Pizza Restaurants

Ordering a Pizza from a Computer in 1974

If you want to order a pizza, we have a few, more modern ways than those that were available 40 years ago when these researchers at Michigan State were doing it.

Pizza Ordering by Mobile Phone in 2014

Today, 47% of all mobile searches for restaurants are made via the mobile phone.  I would suspect that with pizza restaurants, that figure is even higher.  Moreover, 60% of those searching for restaurants will convert to paying customers within the hour.  A startling 84% will convert eventually.

A few  years ago, we created mobile websites for our restaurant customers. Mobile websites were easy and inexpensive to create, because they were really a scaled down version of the desktop website.  Most had a URL of  So, while not so good for SEO, it was handy for mobile ordering for pizza restaurants.Cam's Pizza mobile web

Then, responsive and adaptive design came along and it seemed that it would be better to use this new technology for most of customers.  Basically, pizza restaurants got into the mobile game with a website that looked good on mobile and at the same time, they got an updated desktop website for no additional cost.

A case could be made, however, that a pizza restaurant really doesn’t need responsive design or adaptive design.  That’s because load times are so important when it comes to the mobile web and in many cases, my guess is that consumers are loading pizza restaurant websites while waiting at a traffic light or walking through the mall where there’s no availability of wi-fi.

When it comes to mobile websites for pizza restaurants, simplicity is the key.  Our Restaurants To Go specialists will consult with your  pizza restaurant and recommend the best possible option for your business.

And, after you’ve worked with us, you’ll be able to benefit from increased sales like these customers have.

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If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

What is a Video Worth?

Are you watching video on your mobile device?  Apparently, most of us are today.  The growth of the percentage of videos being watched on mobile is simply astonishing!

Is your video optimized for mobile?

At ATS, we produce a lot of videos and it’s actually one of our favorite things to do.  And, we make sure that all of them are uniquely optimized for the smaller screen of the tablet, smartphone, and feature phone.


watching video on mobile 2014

MOBILE VIDEO: It just keeps on growing and growing!


Here’s a little sample of our recent work that we did for our retail client, CitiTrends.  We didn’t farm this out and mark it up like many agencies; we did it all in-house.



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How Many of Us are Ordering Take-Out via Mobile?

The decision on where to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner is a spontaneous one (see the stats here).  So, if your text message or search reaches their mobile phone at the right time, there’s a good chance that they will choose your establishment.

A recent study from the National Restaurant Association shows just how important it is to have a mobile-optimized website.  If your website is not mobile optimized, 61% of potential customers will simply leave for one that is.  (Source = Google)  An astonishing 46% of people went online to find directions to a restaurant and 23% ordered by mobile.


How many people order from restaurants via a mobile phone

46% are checking out where your restaurant is via mobile.

Here’s why people are ordering from their mobile phone, instead of the old-fashioned way.  For baby boomers and Millenials, it’s mostly about ease of ordering and not having to wait.

mobile restaurant ordering

Is your restaurant website mobile friendly?


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We’re 25 Years Old – Time Flies By


It doesn’t seem like it was a quarter of a century when a group of entrepreneurs joined forces to open the doors to Advanced Telecom Services in Wayne, Pa. in the summer of 1989.

George Bush, the elder, was President, a Cornell University student became the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for unleashing a computer virus, and baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose accepted a lifetime ban for betting on the sport.

It was also in the infancy of the burgeoning 900 number pay-per-call, audiotext industry, with crossword puzzle devotees having an option of finding an answer instantly, for a nominal fee, by dialing a 900 number on their landline phone.  Newspapers around the country soon adapted the service, including the venerable New York Times. 

From 900 numbers dispensing news, sports and entertainment in the U.S. and Canada, to pay-per-call programs debuting in several countries throughout the 1990s including the U.K. and Czech Republic, Advanced Telecom Services quickly became a global leader in processing audiotext programs.

In 2001, the eventual full conversion to a digital, mobile-first agency began with the introduction of one of North America’s first membership-based ringtone websites,, which grew to over 60,000 paying members.

By 2007, the push to mobile was fully underway with website and app development, the introduction of the do-it-yourself text platform at, and sister company Advanced Mobile being purchased by mobile automotive giant AutoByTel, and Advanced Telecom’s name change to ATS Mobile, both occurring in 2013. 

Following another change last year, a move into our new offices in the Valley Forge Casino complex and resort in King of Prussia, Pa., we currently specialize in engagement strategies in the mobile space.  ATS seeks to partner with growing businesses, define ambitious goals, and develop and execute strategies to achieve them.  

For more on the history of Advanced Telecom Services and ATS Mobile click here.

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Mobile Advertising Tip: Integrate Advertising with Content

It is interesting to note below that Yahoo says that “PC ads fit to a mobile screen are not always effective.”  In fact, from our experience, we’d have to say that they are absolutely never effective.  With the smaller screen of the mobile, placement is far more important than what you are used to with your desktop advertising.  Therefore, Yahoo is right on target when it talks about integration of mobile advertisements within the actual content that you are looking at.

That’s exactly why Facebook advertising has been such a great success story for our digital agency, especially since Facebook has decreased exposure for your company page’s organic postings.  The advertisements on Facebook are right in your news feed.  You can hardly miss them!  Especially, when they are in the second position in your news feed right beside the pictures from your neighbor’s high school graduation last night.

Mobile Advertising Tips

ATS Tips: Don’t expect the same tactics that worked on your PC advertising to work on mobile.

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Advanced Mobile Products Now Part of AutoByTel Suite

Scott Pechstein of AutoByTel talks about the company’s recent acquisition of Advanced Mobile by his company.  Just before the 5:00 mark, Pechstein makes his comments about how auto dealers should be using mobile.



Here’s an updated video promoting the new mobile product for auto dealers.



In this video, new Senior Vice-President, Mobile, Bret Dunlap talks about the evolution of TextShield — a unique interactive text messaging platform that allows auto dealers to engage mobile website visitors via a secure text messaging solution.


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Geo-Conquesting with Mobile Advertising

If you’ve been around the advertising world a while, you’ve probably heard of the term “conquesting.”  We used to use it when I was in the television advertising business.  If a local business was going to have a news story about them on the local newscast, you’d call the competitor that you represent to sell them an additional advertisement within the same newscast.

Mobile advertising, however, takes conquesting to a whole new level with geo-conquesting, as you’ll learn from ATS’s Bob Bentz who speaks from Frawley Stadium–home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks.


Some of the best practices for geo-conquesting include:

  • Tell the consumer how close they are to your store.
  • Provide easy access to a map or directions on how to get back to your store.
  • Allow them to ask questions immediately, like through our Text Anytime product.
  • Provide a powerful alternative.  They are probably about to buy NOW, so you need to give them a good reason to divert back to your store.  If not, you’ve lost them.  Make them an offer they can’t refuse!
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