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Apps Create Branding Bond with Consumers


The app we developed for Comcast provides terrific branding for the network.


New research from Indiana University shows that ineractive apps for mobile phones are some of the most powerful forms of advertising ever developed.  Branded apps increase a consumer’s general interest in products and improves the attitude toward the brand.

“You have a more personal connection with your mobile device than you will with a website,” said Robert F. Potter, director of the Institute for Communication Research at IU Bloomington and an associate professor of telecommunications in the IU College of Arts and Sciences. “One benefit of the mobile app is that you go, you get it and you download the app — it’s now yours. It may be a deeper level of interactivity.”

“The very personal nature of mobile phones, including the new smartphones, which are practically extensions of their owners, means that advertisers need to adopt new rules of conversation with mobile phone users,” said the research study, co-authored by Potter and four researchers at Murdoch University in Australia.

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