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PINPOINT TARGETING: How Facebook Knows Your Interests

Find Out What Facebook Knows About You

Are you frightened by what businesses know about you on the internet?  You’re not alone.  Companies like Google and Facebook have been mining our information for years.

While this may upset some, it’s a cost of using their services.

And, it’s a huge benefit to advertisers.  It’s why Facebook advertising, for instance, is so darn effective.

Go to your favorite site and see that Facebook LIKE icon there and whether you post the story on your Facebook page or not, Facebook just learned something about you.

Want to know what Facebook knows about you?  You can easily find out.  Just follow my steps here.

  1. Open your Facebook page.
  2. Look for a paid advertisement on your page.
  3. In the upper right hand corner of the ad, click on the “v” to open the drop down.
  4. Next, click on “Why am I seeing this?”
  5. Next, “Manage Your Ad Preferences”
  6. Now, you will come face to face with the topics that Facebook associates with you.  Change them if you wish!

That makes sense then how they knew I liked water sports.

Facebook Advertising

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The State of Facebook Ads

No two Facebook advertisement posts are promoted equally.  Ad Age reports that the website has changed the branding of organic – unpaid – posts and actual paid advertisements on the news feeds of its 757 million daily users.

Social@Ogilvy conducted a study on the type of advertisements created by 106 national brands on Facebook.  It was found that the percentage of organic ads went from 12 percent in October 2013 to just 6.2 percent in February of this year.

organic reaches on Facebook

More companies turn to paid Facebook ads as the use of organic ads dramatically decrease.

Four reasons were identified for this drop in the use of organic ads:

  1. The average number of Facebook friends a user has is 338 in comparison to 229 friends in 2010 (Pew Research Center)
  2. The average Facebook user follows 40 brand sin 2013.
  3. Facebook users are increasingly liking to external news sites like Buzzfeed.
  4. More brands are paying for ads to form impressions and drive higher click-through rates.

Even the positions of ads on Facebook have changed with the increase in paid ads among companies.

The social media site used to restrict ads to Right Hand Rail ads, those on the right hand column of the page.  Now ads show up in news feeds for easier access on desktop and mobile devices and have resulted in increased revenues through higher click-through rates among users relative to the past.

Overall, Facebook is clearly moving in a direction of more responsive web design conducive to mobile users.


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Top 20 Marketing Experts on Social Media

Anyone in the mobile marketing field knows how important it is to stay informed on all the recent news and information related to the field.  With all the information available, however, it can be hard to decipher who to listen and who to skip.  Well, we’re here to help.  Check out our list of the Top 20 companies and people talking about mobile marketing on social media who YOU need to follow.

Top 20 Social Media Marketers to Follow

  1. MMA Global (Facebook, Twitter): an international association that seeks to promote both mobile marketing and advertising as critical communication tools.
  2. Mashable (Facebook, Twitter, Google+): self-described as the leading information of resources for the current “Connected Generation”
  3. Marketing Charts (Facebook, Twitter): breaks down the the latest trends in both digital and traditional marketing through charts, data, video, and other visuals.
  4. Marketing Profs (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+): provides marketing advice for close to 600,000 smart marketers worldwide.
  5. Engadget (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+): Without mobile gadgets, there can be no mobile marketing. Follow Engadget to find out about all the latest mobile devices being released for public enjoyment – and for marketing.
  6. IntoMobile (Facebook, Twitter): A top source for breaking news on mobile technology.
  7. Mobile Marketing Watch (Facebook, Twitter): As the self-proclaimed “pulse of the mobile marketing industry”, never miss MMW insight on consumer and B-2-B marketing via mobile.
  8. Mobile Commerce Daily: Stuck trying to figure out how to integrate commerce into your mobile strategy? Mobile Commerce Daily not only offers tips on how to do so, but shares how other pros do it effectively.
  9. Mobile Marketing Magazine (Facebook, Twitter, Google+): The best online print and online media magazine source for the international mobile marketing industry.
  10. Social Media Today (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) Provides followers with information on the latest social media trends and effective tools from a variety of bloggers.
  11. Greg Stuart – Current CEO for MMA Global who has been an expert in both the traditional and digital marketing world for over 30 years.  He is the former CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau and author of What Sticks: Why Most Advertising Fails and How to Guarantee Yours Succeeds. 
  12. David Murphy – Co-founder and editorial director for Mobile Marketing Magazine who discusses both news and events related to mobile marketing on Twitter.
  13. Samantha Murphy Kelly: a Tech Reporter at Mashable whose work has appeared online at CNN, Yahoo, CBS News, and even on radio shows like NPR.  Kelley keeps Twitter followers up-to-date on news in the digital world.
  14. Kim Dushinki: As President of Mobile Marketing Profits and founder of the International Mobile Marketing Business Network, Dushinki is essentially a mobile marketing guru.  Follow this author The Mobile Marketing Handbook to find out about all there is to know about the field we love best – mobile marketing.
  15. Ian Huckabee: a popular social strategist and technologist from the New York areae who shares information on mobile technology via Twitter.
  16. Mark Johnson: As President and CEO for Loyalty360, Johnson provides those in the marketing world with insight on how to  build customer loyalty to one’s business or brand – especially through mobile.
  17. Geoff Alexander (Facebook,Twitter): this award-winning Google Adwords Specialist and Consultant helps businesses of all sizes boost their SEO results for the most popular search engine.
  18. Saffron Brady: A Digital Marketer from Dublin who keeps followers in the loop about the online marketing industry worldwide.
  19. Brianna Smith: Smith is a Marketing Coordinator in the St. Louis area specializing in social media for Follow her to get information on the social media world from a marketer’s perspective.
  20. Internet Marketing: Offers daily insight into online marketing in all its forms (Mobile, Search Engine, Internet, SEO).
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Mobile Dominates Facebook

According to Facebook’s latest Q2 earnings release, mobile accounts for a larger and larger share of both the social network’s monthly active users, and of their monthly ad revenues. Mobile ad revenues jumped 11% from Q1 to Q2 of 2013, reaching 41% of total ad revenues. In addition, mobile users now make up approximately 71% of Facebook’s total monthly active users.

Mobile dominates Facebook.

Mobile dominates Facebook.

Obviously, mobile is becoming increasingly important in the realm of advertising. It is imperative that companies begin to use mobile as a way to market their brands. For more information on how to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy, visit atsMobile.

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Google Dominates Mobile Ad Revenue

According to a recent eMarketer report, Google earned approximately $4.61 billion in mobile ad dollars, earning approximately 52% of mobile ad dollars globally. In addition, global earned approximately 1/3 of all global, digital ad dollars.

Facebook, Pandora and YP followed behind Google in mobile ad revenue.

Facebook, Pandora and YP followed behind Google in mobile ad revenue.

In 2013,  Google’s dominance of mobile ad revenue is predicted to continue with an expected 55% of the global-ad revenue share. Facebook and Pandora will also increase their shares to 13% and 2.5%, respectively.

2013 mobile ad revenue share predictions.

2013 mobile ad revenue share predictions.

For more information on how to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy, visit ATS Mobile.

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Scan a QR Code, Drink Bud, Make Friends

For years, Budweiser has been making friends.  Now, however, it is helping to make Facebook friends.  Check it out to see how scanning a QR Code can help you make Facebook friends, compliments of Budweiser.


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