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Mobile Bar Code Scanning by Age Group

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In the past two years, it appears as though many more middle age and older Americans have got involved in scanning QR Codes and other bar codes.  The study was done by ScanLife and you can see results of an earlier such study here on a previous post.

QR Code scanning by age group

QR Code scan percentage by age group.

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QR Code Scans by Age Group

Author Bob Bentz    Category QR Codes     Tags , , ,

I must admit, I’m a little skeptical when I see statistics that are created by companies that are in the business rather than independent research companies.  That being said, here’s Scan Life’s analysis of QR Code scanners that shows that older people are getting involved in QR Code scanning.

Americans also tend to scan QR Codes at a greater rate than Europeans do, according to this study.

QR Code scanning by age

QR Code scans by age group.

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QR Code Scan Rates by Country

This study from Nielsen shows that 24% of Americans with smartphones had scanned a QR code within the past 30 days. Smartphone users in South Korea and Turkey were most likely to be QR Code scanners at 38%.

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