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Mobile Ads Attract New Car Buyers

Mobile ads are changing how dealers market cars to new automobile buyers.  Thirty-four percent of digital ads – whether mobile, tablet, or video – lead the following groups to research cars: car buyers who are new to a brand, are young and less affluent, and who want to take out long-term loans.  FordDirect and Research Now reported last year that:

  • 63 percent of car buyers use their smartphone on the lot.
  • 81 percent utilize their smartphone to research.

digital ads for automobiles stats

Geo-targeted ads are particularly beneficial for local auto dealership to use when attracting potential customers.  Through geo-targeting, a dealer can target buyers within their geographic location.  Don’t be stuck trying to figure out how to drive car sales at your dealership any longer.  Contact us at ATS Mobile to find out how we can help you grow your business starting today.



Auto Dealer Uses Custom QR Code

Auto dealers are certainly learning the power of mobile marketing and QR Codes. Advanced Telecom Services developed a Custom QR Code for The Suburban Collection — an 29 brand auto dealer group in Michigan and south Florida. Visitors who take a test drive receive a $25 incentive. The Suburban Collection used Eye Candy Wraps to provide the auto wrap on the car.


QR Codes for auto dealers

The Suburban Collection is using a Custom QR Code to promote test drives.

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