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VIDEO: 25 Years of Providing IVR Services

As ATS gets ready to celebrate its 25th anniversary on July 15, 2014, we take a look back at some of the IVR programs that we’ve done over the years.

While the company has moved on to expand its mobile and digital marketing programs, IVR remains a mainstay for Advanced Telecom Services.  ATS’s niche is the ability to answer large volume call capacity programs that are common via television broadcast advertising.

Here’s a compilation of programs that ATS has participated in over the years, including one by Michael Jackson, The King of Pop himself, during Super Bowl XXVIII.



We’re 25 Years Old – Time Flies By


It doesn’t seem like it was a quarter of a century when a group of entrepreneurs joined forces to open the doors to Advanced Telecom Services in Wayne, Pa. in the summer of 1989.

George Bush, the elder, was President, a Cornell University student became the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for unleashing a computer virus, and baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose accepted a lifetime ban for betting on the sport.

It was also in the infancy of the burgeoning 900 number pay-per-call, audiotext industry, with crossword puzzle devotees having an option of finding an answer instantly, for a nominal fee, by dialing a 900 number on their landline phone.  Newspapers around the country soon adapted the service, including the venerable New York Times. 

From 900 numbers dispensing news, sports and entertainment in the U.S. and Canada, to pay-per-call programs debuting in several countries throughout the 1990s including the U.K. and Czech Republic, Advanced Telecom Services quickly became a global leader in processing audiotext programs.

In 2001, the eventual full conversion to a digital, mobile-first agency began with the introduction of one of North America’s first membership-based ringtone websites,, which grew to over 60,000 paying members.

By 2007, the push to mobile was fully underway with website and app development, the introduction of the do-it-yourself text platform at, and sister company Advanced Mobile being purchased by mobile automotive giant AutoByTel, and Advanced Telecom’s name change to ATS Mobile, both occurring in 2013. 

Following another change last year, a move into our new offices in the Valley Forge Casino complex and resort in King of Prussia, Pa., we currently specialize in engagement strategies in the mobile space.  ATS seeks to partner with growing businesses, define ambitious goals, and develop and execute strategies to achieve them.  

For more on the history of Advanced Telecom Services and ATS Mobile click here.


Remembering Voice Personals from ATS

Through our telephone dating services for radio broadcast from back in the 1990s, Advanced Telecom Services played a part in uniting couples across America.

Check out one of the many love stories that transpired from our telephone dating services below:

Dan and Sandy Maroney of Chicago met, fell in love and got married via our dating service technology.

Dan and Sandy Maroney of Chicago met, fell in love and got married via our dating service technology.



You Don’t Have to Love Us to LIKE US











The old website for Advanced Telecom Services will soon be shelved for a newer one that promotes our mobile marketing capabilities.


The history of Advanced Telecom Services is a storied one dating back to 1989.  You can learn more about the very interesting history of this company by checking out our new Facebook Timeline page for Advanced Telecom Services.

The new page, developed by one of our summer interns, gives the history of Advanced Telecom Services which has been supplying telemedia services for four decades now.



Golf Association Uses Custom QR Code from Advanced Telecom Services

Advanced Telecom Services is proud to have provided the custom QR Code for the Metropolitan Golf Association.  Advanced Telecom Services’ custom QR Codes allow for branding of your product while also providing an easy access point to your content from smartphones.

Studies show that wealthy Americans are avid users of QR Codes and Custom QR Codes such as the one used by the MGA are a great way to make an impact on golfers.

The following is reprinted from the LoHud Golf blog.

Here’s the latest reason to allow cell phones on golf courses … After several months of development, the MGA has a mobile app that’s actually useful to all of us who forget to post scores or follow the many qualifiers and tournaments run by the organization.


The official release has the details:

ELMSFORD, N.Y. (September 1, 2011) – The MGA is excited to announce the release of My MGA, the official app of the Metropolitan Golf Association, now available as a free download on iPhone and Android devices. Along with the redesigned and mobile website, My MGA is the latest digital mechanism designed by the MGA specifically for Met Area golfers. The app allows users to track their own golf performance and stay in touch with all Met Area golf news and results. The personalized mobile experience provided by My MGA includes:

• Score posting
• Interactive Course Handicap Calculator & Handicap Index lookup
• MGA tournament registration and calendars
• MGA news, event results & live scoring
• Live feeds from MGA Twitter & Facebook

My MGA can be downloaded in the iTunes Store and Android Market by searching My MGA, or by scanning the above QR code.


ATS Chachkees

If you’ve ever had a visit from an ATS salesperson, you know that we love to bring you chachkees.  You won’t get a pen with the Advanced Telecom Services logo on it.  We are much more creative than that.

Take a look at the Advanced Telecom Services cell phone grippers.  Put this on the back of your cell phone or smart phone and it will stay in place on your car dashboard.

Of course, remember don’t text and drive.

Advanced Telecom Services cell phone grippers

Cell phone grippers from Advanced Telecom Services


ATS Receives A+ Rating from Better Business Bureau

Advanced Telecom Services has received the highest rating possible, A+, from the Better Business Bureau. To see Advanced Telecom Services’ Better Business Bureau rating, click here.

To obtain this rating, Advanced Telecom Services has had to address numerous problems from other companies with similar sounding names.  Since the company name is rather generic, there are bound to be other companies with similar names.  One company in particular that sells software online has created numerous complaints that had been erroneously assigned to our Wayne, Pennsylvania company. “In an industry that has had its struggles with some unscrupulous vendors, we are very pleased to be given an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau,” said Bob Bentz, president of Advanced Telecom Services.  “Our reputation in the business community is very important to us and we work very hard to protect that.  Any customers considering working with ATS should know that our record is spotless.” Advanced Telecom Services has been providing interactive telephone services to the media and advertising industries since 1989.


ATS Grows Office Space

There’s nothing that we like better than adding new office space, because new hires mean the company is doing well.  Take a tour through the new sales and marketing wing  just added to the offices of Advanced Telecom Services and Advanced Mobile Solutions.  Meet John Geary who handles our apps development division and say hi to others in our office in Wayne, Pennsylvania.

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