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Around the ATS Office: Spain


This week, President of Advanced Telecom Services Bob Bentz will be in Spain to speak on the mobilization of Cars2Go.

As a featured presenter at World Telemedia 2012, a global audience of over 400 marketers, app developers, advertisers, and more will receive an in depth look at the successful mobilization of Cars2Go.  World Telemedia has invited Bentz to speak for Advanced Telecom Services the past four conferences.

World Telemedia is being held in Marbella, Spain from Wednesday, October 17th to Friday, October 19th. For more information visit



Smartphone Sales Second Quarter 2012

Smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2012 showed a decline over the same period in 2011 as less Americans needed to upgrade from their feature phones to the newer smartphones.

Apple closed the gap on Android and now has 1/3 of the overall market share.  Blackberry continued its demise and now controls just 6% of the USA market for smartphones.


Dumb Phone Users Migration to Smart Phones Continues

OK, I admit it.  “Dumb phones” is one of those terms that I have been known to make up for myself.  But, a recent study by Comscore shows Americans are migrating more and more from dumb phones (feature phones) to smartphones.

In April 2011, 38% of new phones purchased by then current feature phone owners were for smartphones.  In April, 2012, however, 47.5% of feature phone owners made the switch to smartphones.

This girl used to be a feature phone owner.

If you would like to see the breakdown of smartphone ownership by age and income, click here.

What does this mean for mobile marketing?  What it means is greater data usage and increased downloads of apps and other advanced mobile marketing tools.


FCC Enhances Prohibitions Against Business Robocalls to Consumers


The FCC has furthered enhanced the 1991 TCPA rules.

The FCC has enhanced the strength of the 1991 TCPA by requiring a written opt-in from all businesses wanting to use telemarketing. The problem is that with VOIP, calls can be made from virtually anywhere in the world for almost no cost. While limitations can be made on domestic businesses, there is virtually nothing that can be done to prevent international VOIP telemarketing calls to our phones.

Not saying that this is a bad law in preventing unwanted robocalls to consumers, but there’s simply no way to stop the international VOIP companies that will be pummeling our landline and mobile phones.

There are no changes to the rules that permit non-profits and political candidates from making robocalls to USA consumers.  Don’t you love that the people who make the laws carved out themselves and the non-profits from the original robocalls legislation.

As they say in England:  “brilliant.”


NEWS ALERT: Google Android Takes the Lead

First there was RIM Blackberry and then soon after iPhone became the dominant smartphone platform.

No more.  Now, Google Android dominates the smartphone market with a 51% market share in the USA.

With over half of Americans now owning smartphones, the move by Android is especially significant.

My how times change in this business…and quickly.



QR Code Statistics for 2011 and 2012

The use of the QR Code increased by 6 times in 2011 and with increased smartphone penetration for 2012, it shows no signs of retreating.

If 2010 was the year of mobile, then 2011 was the year of the QR Code. The percent of print ads containing QR Codes showed growth from below 1% of all print ads in January 2011 to in excess of 6% of all advertising in December 2011.

QR Code Use 2011


While a variety of 2D barcodes were used in the print advertisements, the vast majority (87.8%) of those utilized in print were QR Codes. The Microsoft tag, a multi-colored tag using triangular shapes, was second most popular with 10.2%. The JagTag, DataMatrix Code, SnapTag, and EZ Code made up just over 1% of the use in print advertisements.


QR Code is most popular 2D barcode

The QR Code is the most popular 2D barcode.


Businesses of all types are utilizing 2D barcode technology, although retailers lead with 21.9% of the overall use of bar codes. It would make sense that technology is the second most used category since those scanning bar codes are likely more tech savvy than the average person. Interestingly, automotive was just the seventh top category of use of 2D barcodes.

Top Categories for 2D barcode use


For 2D barcodes to continue growing, it is important that they offer relevant feedback that is of value to the scanners. General commerce and branding are important, but leading the consumer to a value-added features such as a video or mobile coupon is a valuable use of 2D barcode technology.

Unfortunately, some advertisers just don’t get it when it comes to using 2D barcodes. Over 40% of the QR Codes tracked led to brand home pages. Leading a consumer to a home page is usually not going to result in great customer satisfaction, especially if that home page is not optimized for mobile.

Too many companies are simply using a QR Code to lead consumers to a website that is not optimized for mobile.


The study of 2D barcodes was done by Competitrack which began studying the use of 2D barcodes in January 2011. Throughout the year, the company identified 7,300 print advertisements that featured 2D barcodes.

Over all of 2011, 4% of all print ads included a 2D barcode, although that number peaked later in the year at over 7% of the ads studied. Oppenheimer Funds was the leader in utilizing 2D barcodes with 85% of its print ads including 2D barcodes.


Bob Bentz is president of Advanced Telecom Services which has been providing Custom QR Codes, with the branding of the company incorporated into the code itself. Its apples to apples comparisons with Custom QR Codes vs. traditional black & white QR Codes shows a scan rate that is 2.3 times greater for Custom QR Codes. If you would like to reach Bentz, you can (how’d you guess?), scan his Custom QR Code below.

Bob Bentz QR Code

Scan the QR Code to be Linked In with Bob Bentz.


I See the Future and it Includes More QR Codes

If you thought you saw a lot of QR Codes during the Christmas shopping season in 2011, wait until next year!

baseball qr code

Camden Riversharks QR Code

According to a survey conducted by AT&T, 82% of all marketers surveyed plan to increase their use of mobile marketing.  And, leading the way with the most increased usage are the development of mobile apps and the use of QR Codes.

“What a barcode allows you to do is connect that offline world to the online world,” said Mobeen Khan, executive director of AT&T Mobility Services.  “As soon as the consumer scans that barcode, you’re getting an engagement.”

Spurring the increased use of QR Codes is the following:

“The consumer usage was not very thoughtful in early campaigns and it pushed the initial users off,” said Khan.  “Now we are at a point where companies are educating the market about what is a good experience and what are the best practices.”

For more information about the consumer best practices for QR Codes, watch this QR Code video.

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