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Event Video: Beerfest Royale in King of Prussia

It seemed like a natural fit for ATS Mobile to sponsor the Beerfest Royale in King of Prussia on October 2 & 4, 2014.  After all, we love beer and we love King of Prussia, Pennsylvania too.

One employee even said “I love you” when I told him he’d be attending the event on behalf of the company and I don’t hear that very often.

While the employees found this to be a rather “enjoyable” assignment, it also is a great indicator of the kind of talent that ATS Mobile has when creating an event video like Beerfest.

So, sit back, watch the video, and enjoy a cold one with us.

To learn more about what our Philadelphia based event and corporate video, always optimized for mobile, can do for you, click here.




If a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words…

What is a Video Worth?

Are you watching video on your mobile device?  Apparently, most of us are today.  The growth of the percentage of videos being watched on mobile is simply astonishing!

Is your video optimized for mobile?

At ATS, we produce a lot of videos and it’s actually one of our favorite things to do.  And, we make sure that all of them are uniquely optimized for the smaller screen of the tablet, smartphone, and feature phone.


watching video on mobile 2014

MOBILE VIDEO: It just keeps on growing and growing!


Here’s a little sample of our recent work that we did for our retail client, CitiTrends.  We didn’t farm this out and mark it up like many agencies; we did it all in-house.




A Change Is Gonna Come…

CMOs across the country are currently making a change in how they do business.

No longer are they relying on outlets like print magazines, television, and even the radio alone as key promotional channels.

Instead, they see digital marketing, especially through video, and critical in getting the word on our why their products and services are a must-have for consumers.

The State of Marketing Report reveals that budget growth for digital marketing is expecting to increase in these five areas:

1. Social advertising

2. Online video

3. Social media

4. Retargeting

5. Search engine marketing

CMO Marketing Research

Online video in particular is expected to grow, and with great reason.

Videos are 53 times more likely to be on the first page of a Google search page in comparison to content that is only in print.

This is why you need to have a video marketing strategy that not only appeals to the consumer eye but also helps drive sales.

We at ATS Mobile know a video is more than 1,000 words for your business.

Therefore, you need to log onto our website to find out more about how video production for mobile will be one of your biggest assets as a company.


Success Story: Video Production for Multi-Unit Housing

ATS Mobile recently completed seven videos for the Toll Apartment Group.  The videos are part of a complete re-design for the Toll multi-family housing units in the Philadelphia area.  All sites are made with responsive design technology to ensure that they render properly on both the PC and all mobile devices.


Here are two of the videos that were produced for the Charleston Greene in Malvern, Pennsylvania and for Berkeley Trace in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.


(Semi) Last Call: Join us for our Google Partners Connect Event Wed. May 21


You’re invited to learn about various Google digital assets, including Adwords, and more about digital agency services when we host a Google Partners Connect event next Wednesday, May 21, from 2-3 p.m. at our King of Prussia office located in the Parkview Office Tower attached next to the Radisson Hotel and Valley Forge Casino complex.

Three Google executives will speak, followed by ATS Mobile, it’s casual and fast-paced, interactive, a chance to learn, and Google is sponsoring light refreshments.

The event is free, simply take a look at this link and let us know of your interest in attending and we’ll look forward to seeing you next week:




Video Production for Restaurants

Hey, did you know that we do corporate video too?

It’s all part of the complete mobile marketing suite of services that we can provide to your business.  We don’t farm it out; we do it right here in house!

Our talented creative director Michael Candelori heads up the video division and he knows a thing or two about video.  So much that he spent several years in Hollywood working on the Fast and Furious movies!

Take a look at the video that we offer as part of our Restaurants To Go product.



Why Your Business Needs Mobile Videos

Author Bob Bentz    Category Video     Tags , ,

by Bob Bentz

Creating a mobile video for your business has never been easier thanks to new tools like Vine and Instagram videos.

And, if you aren’t already doing any business videos, here’s why you should be:

My background is in the television business prior to getting into the interactive telephone and mobile world.  I worked in small markets and I worked in larger markets.  It always amazed me that customers were so concerned with image when it came to their local television commercials.  Sure, I get it; you don’t want to look stupid in front of your friends and the entire city.  Ironically, these were usually the car dealers that liked to “star” in their own commercials.

The bottom line of my years of experience with local television advertising is that the cornier the commercial, the more people remembered it.  And, the more sales that the commercial drove.

There are some exceptions, of course.  I don’t want to put my money in a bank where the bank commercial doesn’t have a great production value.  When it comes to eating out, I don’t necessarily want to go to a restaurant where the chef is a big joker; I want to see some sizzling, tasty food.

Now, I’m not saying that quality doesn’t matter.  And, if you can combine quality with a campy message that will generate the greatest sales.

But, one thing is for sure:  you need to be doing video.

ATS Mobile certainly believes in mobile.  That’s why it has hired Hollywood talent to produce its client videos.  Come check out some of our work here .




Still not convinced?  Try these stats on if Millennials are part of your marketing efforts.

impace of mobile video

If you hope to appeal to Millennials, you’d better be offering them a healthy dose of video.

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