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Around the ATS Office: Spain


This week, President of Advanced Telecom Services Bob Bentz will be in Spain to speak on the mobilization of Cars2Go.

As a featured presenter at World Telemedia 2012, a global audience of over 400 marketers, app developers, advertisers, and more will receive an in depth look at the successful mobilization of Cars2Go.  World Telemedia has invited Bentz to speak for Advanced Telecom Services the past four conferences.

World Telemedia is being held in Marbella, Spain from Wednesday, October 17th to Friday, October 19th. For more information visit


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FCC Enhances Prohibitions Against Business Robocalls to Consumers


The FCC has furthered enhanced the 1991 TCPA rules.

The FCC has enhanced the strength of the 1991 TCPA by requiring a written opt-in from all businesses wanting to use telemarketing. The problem is that with VOIP, calls can be made from virtually anywhere in the world for almost no cost. While limitations can be made on domestic businesses, there is virtually nothing that can be done to prevent international VOIP telemarketing calls to our phones.

Not saying that this is a bad law in preventing unwanted robocalls to consumers, but there’s simply no way to stop the international VOIP companies that will be pummeling our landline and mobile phones.

There are no changes to the rules that permit non-profits and political candidates from making robocalls to USA consumers.  Don’t you love that the people who make the laws carved out themselves and the non-profits from the original robocalls legislation.

As they say in England:  “brilliant.”

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World Telemedia 2010

World Telemedia 2010

Strategy: World Telemedia, Malta 2010

WT10 focuses on areas that represent a genuine opportunity for service providers and media groups alike whilst showcasing the content, services and applications that consumers will continue to demand in 2010 and beyond:

  • Adult Chat & Dating
  • Psychic, Horoscope & Life Coaching
  • International Billing & Micro Payments
  • MGambling & Telemedia (marketing & billing)
  • Responsibilities & Compliance (UK PRS)
  • Premium Media & Marketing & Content Services

This show has consistently brought together delegates from each sector of the Telemedia “value chain” to learn, network and do business in some of Europe’s best hotel venues. Combining seminars, workshops, exhibition, hospitality, 5 star networking and a packed schedule of lavish evening events, WT10 embraces the most exciting areas of web, media, marketing, mobile and fixed line in a unique 24/7-trading environment.


We’re looking forward to seeing you at this valuable industry forum and hope that if you haven’t already booked, you’ll take this opportunity to consider making the trip to Malta.


You’ll find Advanced Telecom Services there, so we look forward to forward to seeing you there:









Networking Pass Euro 425

Full Delegate +Euro 205

Weekend Networking Pass +Euro 150

Buffet or sit down lunch included with all passes

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AT&T Comeback

AT&T cell phone

AT&T, once the largest company in the world, now ranks 18th in sales.

When Advanced Telecom Services began its business in 1989, AT&T was the largest company in the world.  That made the business of 900 numbers so attractive to the founders of ATS.  Being supported by the largest company in the world was certainly an attractive opportunity.

22 years later, AT&T is no longer supporting the 900 number product that created the initial opportunity for the business.  And, it is no longer the largest company in the world.  That honor is now taken by Wal-Mart.  By far.

Wal-Mart sales in 2009 were $408 billion which easily put it ahead of Dutch oil giant Shell at $278 billion, according to Forbes magazine.  AT&T holds down 18th place with $123 billion in sales.

When it comes to profits, there’s an interesting group of companies at the top of the international profit charts.  Russian oil company Gazprom is number one at $24 billion in profits.  The top six most profitable companies are all in the oil business until ICBC (China’s largest bank) comes in seventh place.  AT&T ranks 16th with a not so shabby $12 billion in profits in 2009.

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Text Message Voting Chooses British Olympic Ski Team Goggles

In just a month, the sports world will come together in Vancouver for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games.  And, Advanced Telecom Services will be there. Well, in a way.

Adidas 2010 Olympic ski goggles

Text message voting will choose the ski goggles for British ski team.



Advanced Telecom Services has been chosen as the service bureau for the Adidas Olympic Ski Goggles Design contest.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for designers around the world.

Designers are able to customize a pair of Adidas iD2 goggles to be worn by a British athlete competing in the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The public will vote via premium SMS text message in the UK and the USA for the winning goggles.  Text message voting will identify the top 10 finalists.  The finalists will each receive several pairs of the iD2 Adidas ski goggles to implement the actual design onto the goggles and then return the sample to Adidas.

Adidas will choose the ultimate winner from the ten finalists.  The winning design will be implemented on the ski goggles worn by a 2010 Winter Olympian from the British ski team.

Advanced Telecom Services is proud to be associated with an internationally recognized brand like Adidas.  It is also an honor to be associated with the British ski team and the Vancouver Olympics.

At Advanced Telecom Services, we have the Olympic spirit.

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Hulkamania Runs Wild Again

Last week, the return of Hulk Hogan to pro wrestling gave TNA Impact its highest ratings ever for Monday Night.

Hulk Hogan 900 number

Hulk Hogan led TNA to its highest ratings ever.

TNA Impact airs on Spike TV.

The special live three hour edition of TNA Impact recorded 2.2 million viewers.

Advanced Telecom Services owes a lot to Hulk Hogan.  ATS was fortunate enough to do the WWF wrestling hotline and the Hulk Hogan Hotline during Hogan’s time at WWF and later at WCW.  AT&T has confirmed that the Hulk Hogan Hotline was the biggest 900 number in the United States from 1991 through 1993.

President Bob Bentz remarked for years what a class guy Terry Bollea (Hulk Hogan) is.  “He once called on Christmas Day to wish my son and me a Merry Christmas.  That small gesture meant a lot to me.”

It’s good to see Hulk Hogan back in the ring where he belongs.  Hopefully, he’ll think about bringing back that 900 number again.

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Wide World of Sports Uses 900 Number from ATS

The internet can be a strange thing.  Sometimes old article posts that were

900 number voting

ABC used a 900 number for voting.

put up years ago suddenly show up on another site.  Such is the case with an article about television programs using 900 numbers.

Majestic51 bills itself as The Ultimate Online Men’s Magazine.  It also has a section about The World of the Weird which is where they put our article.  Makes you wonder, but hey guys, we appreciate the publicity anyway.

The article mentions the 900 number that Advanced Telecom Services did for ABC’s Wide World of Sports a few years ago.  During a figure skating competition in Boston, viewers were able to eliminate the traditional figure skating judges and vote for the skater of their choice through a 900 number or via text message voting.

A great idea, no doubt.  More television programs should be seeking non-traditional revenue through 900 numbers and premium SMS voting programs like ABC’s Wide World of Sports did.

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ATS es Renace Una Estrella

Advanced Telecom Services provides premium SMS services to Renace Una Estrella.

For the second season, Advanced Telecom Services has been selected as the service bureau to provide premium SMS voting for Renace Una Estrella.

Renace Una Estrella is a television program with audience participation to choose the hottest young Latin music talent in the mid-Atlantic states.  Viewers of the television show can send in a premium text message for 99 cents to vote for their favorite emerging star.

Text message voting is an important part of the burgeoning interactive mobile marketing industry.  It is a great way for television stations to use text messaging for interacting with their audience.

The Hispanic mobile market has long been a prized target group, especially when it comes to mobile data content.  On average, Hispanics spend $10 more per month on their cell phone bill than the average American.

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