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Smart Pizza Marketing Podcast Interviews ATS Mobile

Sell More Pizza with Mobile Marketing

Smart Pizza Marketing has published its podcast interview with Bob Bentz and Barb Breeser of ATS Mobile.  If you want to learn more about how you can sell more pizza, click here to listen to Bob and Barb discussing mobile marketing with Bruce Irving.

mobile marketing for pizza restaurants

Smart Pizza Marketing podcast interview about mobile marketing.

Listen as Bob and Barb discuss various aspects of mobile marketing for pizza restaurants, including:

  • SMS text message marketing for pizza restaurants.
  • why text message marketing works better than email.
  • different aspects of mobile marketing.
  • mobile ordering for pizza restaurants.
  • the importance of a mobile-optimized website.
  • how to do dark posts for restaurants on Facebook.
  • social media marketing for pizza restaurants.
  • specific examples of successful pizza restaurant promotions such as promoting holding fantasy football drafts at the store.
  • how one pizza restaurant got an 11% return on its SMS campaign for Super Bowl Sunday.

ATS Mobile’s Restaurants To Go services offer a complete mobile marketing tool kit for pizza restaurants.


Mobile Advertising Recruitment for Quick Serve Restaurants

Best Way to Get the Employees you Need

Recruiting for your quick serve restaurant can’t be easy.  Turnover is high and it’s often difficult to fill the hourly positions, especially in wealthier areas.

That’s why geo-targeted mobile advertising works so well for talent acquisition for restaurants.  You can zero in on just the geographic areas where you obtain most of your employees.  Moreover, behavioral data on social media sites such as Facebook enable you to find people that are unemployed or currently seeking employment.

ATS Mobile has had considerable success with recruitment in several areas, including nursing, trucking, and restaurant employees.  Take a look at a recent presentation we made to our McDonald’s franchisees and give us a call if you think we’ve passed the test.



58% Restaurant Website Visits are From Mobile

Majority of Chili’s Website Visitors Come from Mobile

I have long been an advocate of restaurant’s having a viable mobile marketing strategy — a strategy that at its basics includes:

mobile visits for restaurants

58% of Chili’s website visits come from mobile.

  • text message marketing
  • mobile optimized website
  • online ordering
  • Facebook advertising

It certainly makes sense that a restaurant would over-achieve in relation to the average when it comes to the percentage of website visitors that come from mobile.  Its a statistic, however, that I had never seen…until now.

Chili’s has long been one of the best when it comes to mobile marketing.  It wasn’t until this article was released, however, that I first learned that 58% of Chili’s website visitors come from mobile.  I would think that for take out restaurants, such as pizza restaurants, this percentage would be even higher.

Compare Chili’s versus the others in the article:

Percent of Visitors from Mobile

Chili’s = 58%

Amazon = 49%

Google = 48%

New York Times = 38%

BING = 33%

Hungry for Profits

A restaurant that follows the lead of Chili’s has the chance to greatly increase its profits.  Check out Restaurants To Go for more information on how a restaurant can sell more with mobile.


Ask the Experts: Mobile Marketing for Pizza Restaurants

mobile marketing pizza restaurants

SLICE OF LIFE: ATS Mobile President Bob Bentz was featured in this article for PMQ Pizza Magazine.


There’s a great article on Pizza Magazine this month about mobile marketing for pizza restaurants.  What’s even better is that ATS Mobile was one of the focal points of the article on how pizza restaurants can sell more with mobile marketing.

Want to read the article?  Of course, you do.

Check it out here.

Not sure if mobile marketing works for restaurants.  Check out our testimonials of what we’ve done for other restaurants.


Thanksgiving = More Food Sales for your Restaurant

What could be more appropriate on Thanksgiving Day (in our US office) than to talk about our restaurant clients and how mobile marketing works for them.



Mobile Websites for Pizza Restaurants

Ordering a Pizza from a Computer in 1974

If you want to order a pizza, we have a few, more modern ways than those that were available 40 years ago when these researchers at Michigan State were doing it.

Pizza Ordering by Mobile Phone in 2014

Today, 47% of all mobile searches for restaurants are made via the mobile phone.  I would suspect that with pizza restaurants, that figure is even higher.  Moreover, 60% of those searching for restaurants will convert to paying customers within the hour.  A startling 84% will convert eventually.

A few  years ago, we created mobile websites for our restaurant customers. Mobile websites were easy and inexpensive to create, because they were really a scaled down version of the desktop website.  Most had a URL of  So, while not so good for SEO, it was handy for mobile ordering for pizza restaurants.Cam's Pizza mobile web

Then, responsive and adaptive design came along and it seemed that it would be better to use this new technology for most of customers.  Basically, pizza restaurants got into the mobile game with a website that looked good on mobile and at the same time, they got an updated desktop website for no additional cost.

A case could be made, however, that a pizza restaurant really doesn’t need responsive design or adaptive design.  That’s because load times are so important when it comes to the mobile web and in many cases, my guess is that consumers are loading pizza restaurant websites while waiting at a traffic light or walking through the mall where there’s no availability of wi-fi.

When it comes to mobile websites for pizza restaurants, simplicity is the key.  Our Restaurants To Go specialists will consult with your  pizza restaurant and recommend the best possible option for your business.

And, after you’ve worked with us, you’ll be able to benefit from increased sales like these customers have.


Restaurant Mobile Marketing Success Stories in Pennsylvania

If you are a restaurant looking to attract more customers, a great way to do so is with mobile marketing.  Just listen to what some of our Philadelphia area customers are saying about ATS Mobile and its Restaurants To Go suite of mobile marketing solutions.



Restaurant Mobile Marketing in Maryland and Delaware

Ocean City Hotel Motel Restaurant Association Trade Show

**1 of 3 exhibit hall floors at OC Expo 14**

ATS Mobile was an exhibitor at the Ocean City, Maryland Restaurant Hotel Motel Association event at the Ocean City Convention Center on March 9 – 10.  ATS met with many local and regional restaurants at the event to talk about the importance of having a mobile website, but most importantly about the success that it has had with text message marketing for restaurants.

ATS Mobile Restaurants To Go mobile marketing solution

**Brad Bierman and Margie Varallo**

ATS’s Michael Candelori, Brad Bierman, Margie Varallo, and Bob Bentz were present at the event.  The group showed its new video testimonial of satisfied restaurant customers and also a video of its work it has done for some restaurants.

mobile advertising for restaurants

**Restaurants To Go mobile presentation**

ATS veteran Brad Bierman, assisted by ATS president Bob Bentz, gave a strong presentation about how mobile marketing can help restaurants sell more.  Brad discussed how text message marketing is the easiest and most productive in terms of ROI for restaurants.  The crowd was very interested in what Brad had to say about mobile-targeted advertising.

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