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QR Codes for Trade Show Promotions

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting London for the ICE Show and London Affiliate Conference.  This has been a good vertical for our international offices with IVR broadcast messaging and text messaging.

Here are a few of my favorite QR Codes that I found on the floor of the events.  While I would have liked to have seen the companies use Custom QR Codes to get a 2.3x greater scan rate, the many QR Codes that I did find showed the value of the technology.

QR Code information

What could be more British than a QR Code on my tea bag?

QR Code on food

You could obtain a Sweet Deal from this company that had these tantalizing treats at its booth.

QR Codes for trade show giveaways

A remedy for having a trade show floor Chocolate Attack.

QR Codes on pretty girl's shirt

I find it a little unusual to ask a pretty girl if I can scan her shirt, but I guess people do it.





Unique QR Code and Text Message Promotion

QR Codes and text marketing

When using a QR Code, always add a text message option for feature phones and those who don’t scan QR Codes.

Most people hang Christmas lights at their homes, but not if you are the president of a mobile marketing agency like ATS Mobile.  Scan this QR Code or join the text message marketing promotion when you’re in the neighborhood for a special Christmas wish.



Mobile Bar Code Scanning by Age Group

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In the past two years, it appears as though many more middle age and older Americans have got involved in scanning QR Codes and other bar codes.  The study was done by ScanLife and you can see results of an earlier such study here on a previous post.

QR Code scanning by age group

QR Code scan percentage by age group.


Why QR Codes Are Like Training Your Dog

The other day, I heard a dog owner say:

QR Code Fail Philadelphia Cream Cheese

I think that’s a QR Code there. Let me get my microscope.

“The dog doesn’t listen.”

No kidding.  Dogs don’t speak English.  They aren’t conditioned to simply obey your orders unless you first train them to do so.  So, if you haven’t spent the time working with the dog, then it’s no surprise that it isn’t house trained, still chews your shoes, and doesn’t come when called.

Nobody Scans QR Codes

This is another common critique that I hear in the world of mobile marketing.

“Nobody scans QR Codes.”

Really?  Nobody?  Not one person?

Well, in the case of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, I suspect this outlandish statement may actually be true.  The QR code that Philadelphia put on my cream cheese was so tiny that I couldn’t scan it.  I tried with four different scanners and no luck at all.  Made me temporarily ashamed to be from Philadelphia actually.

If QR Codes don’t work, it’s not because NOBODY scans them, it’s because you’ve done something as silly as Philadelphia Cream Cheese did and made the thing so darn small that there’s no way that you could ever scan it.  Even an accomplished QR Code scanner like me couldn’t conquer the small size of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese code.

If you are doing a QR Code, make sure you know what you are doing first.  Consult us if you need to.  We know how to maximize the production of this mobile marketing tool.  There are creative ways to use QR Codes that will make the consumer want to scan them.

QR Codes, especially Custom QR Codes, can provide a source of incremental access to your content.  They will never get more scans that you are able to get via text message entries.  But, they will provide you with incremental participation that will enhance what you are already doing with your text message marketing or other mobile marketing methods.

That is, unless you are Philadelphia.


Kate Upton Thinks About QR Codes

Gotta’ love this use of QR Codes by Gillette in its advertising.  I found this series in Men’s Fitness magazine while on a trip to Cleveland last week.  Now do you have a better idea as to why more men scan QR Codes?

Kate Upton, qr codes

What is Kate Upton thinking in her swimsuit? Scan the QR Code to find out.


Who is Scanning QR Codes?

A recent quarter 2 Mobile Barcode Trend Report broke down QR Code scanners by demographics. The report showed that there are 6 million active scanners globally, and 4 million new QR code scanners. 64% of QR code scanners were male in Q2. In reference to age, male scanners are much more prominent in older ages groups, but are practically non-existent under the age of 18. See the full gender and age breakdown in the chart below:

qr code scans demographics

Gender, by age group, demographic breakdown of QR code scans.


Case Study: Wings To Go West Chester

Wings To Go West Chester uses the 84444 text message marketing service to help build a database of loyal customers. Customers opt-in to a rewards program by texting WINGS to 84444. By opting in, customers enjoy exclusive daily discounts. In addition, Wings To Go expanded their mobile presence through a mobile website and a customized QR code.

wings to go text message marketing iphone












For more information on incorporating text message marketing, QR codes or a mobile website into your marketing strategy, visit ATS Mobile.


Bond No. 9 Launches New Fragrance with QR Code Bottle

In another example of how QR codes are being used in interesting new ways, NYC-based fragrance maker, Bond No. 9, is launching their new scent in a QR code covered bottle. Customers can scan the QR code on the bottle to purchase the scent. During the launch period, the fragrance can only be purchased online.

Bond No. 9 places QR code on bottle to launch their latest fragrance.

Bond No. 9 places QR code on bottle to launch their latest fragrance.

Bond’s placement of the QR code on the bottle is a great way to engage with the customers who are most likely to purchase. Bond’s target audience consists mostly of wealthier, tech-savvy consumers who are familiar with QR codes and other mobile technology. These consumers have visited the Bond retail locations and are interested in purchasing the new fragrance. Scanning the QR code is the first step in the direction of purchase.

For more information on how to develop a custom QR code for your business, visit ATS Mobile.



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