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QR Codes in Denmark

Some people have stranger hobbies than I do.  One of my hobbies is taking pictures of QR Codes during my vacations.  On a recent trip to Europe, I did exactly that.

Here are a few of my pictures of QR Codes.

QR Code for Avis Car Rental

Why don’t people scan QR Codes? Could it be that its way behind the desk?


Business on the Go QR Code

Copenhagen Airport


QR Codes in Denmark

Denmark seemed to be a big user of QR Codes. Saw a lot of them there.


Copenhagen, Denmark QR Codes

QR Codes with advertising litereature


QR Code on Car Wrap


QR Code for a Ski Club

Even ski clubs are using QR Codes in Denmark.


A QR Code works well on a poster

A QR Code works well on a poster, especially when in an area like an airport where upscale mobile users likely have smartphones.


QR Codes to download apps

Carlsberg gives its fans a simple way to download its app via a QR Code on a poster during its factory tour.


Carlsberg brewery tour QR Code

Put your QR Codes everywhere, especially on literature.


Copenhagen's Zoo advertising

The zoo in Copenhagen uses QR Codes too.


Get restaurant information via QR Code

Restaurants QR Codes


QR Codes to get a LIKE

Gotta love a Facebook LIKE via QR Code scanning.


Twitter and Facebook QR Codes

A quick way to a Twitter Follow is a QR Code scan.


Tourism books with QR Codes

A QR Code on a tourist book helps keep the print piece up to date with the latest information.


Parking QR Code scan

In Denmark, one can pay for parking via a SMS text or via scanning a QR Code.


Copenhagen Airport advertising


Copenhagen Airport QR Code


Advertising via QR Code


Food Denmark Advertisement


We hope you’ve enjoyed the largest collection of QR Codes in Denmark.  See our other country QR Code articles like this one on QR Codes from St. Maarten.


QR Codes of St. Maarten

You know you are a QR Code geek when you go on vacation and take pictures of all of the QR Codes that you see on a Caribbean Island.  Well, last week, I had the pleasure of spending time in St. Maarten in the West Indies and I came home with quite a cool collection of QR Codes.  Take a look!

Beer QR Code and text message marketing program

You can scan the QR Code or Text KING to BEERS. Any good QR Code promotion should also include a text message program as well for those with feature phones or smartphone users that don’t scan QR Codes.


QR Code with two girls kissing in St. Maarten

Only I would look at this poster and see the QR Code and not the two girls making out!


QR Code for Heineken's regatta in St. Martin

The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta used two QR Codes on their posters.


Tourism QR Codes in St. Maarten

Want to charter a boat while in St. Maarten? Scan this Custom QR Code on the back of a truck!


QR Code for restaurants in St. Maarten

The Blue Martini knows the quickest way to its website is for tourists to scan its QR Code.



Study: Young Americans Scan QR Codes More Than Europeans


QR Code scanning in London

Despite efforts by the BBC, Europeans are less avid qr code scanners than are young Americans.


When it comes to QR Code scans, the USA is #1.  According to a recent study by Pitney Bowes, more Americans are scanning QR codes than our European friends are.  The same study showed that 19% of all Americans had scanned a QR code.



QR Codes Bring out the Voyeur in You

Axe Body Spray QR Code

By scanning the QR Code from Axe Body Spray, users were able to get voyeuristic videos of women that they would never have been able to see before.

There are really some amazing things that can be done with QR Codes.  QR Codes take a bad rap only because so many advertisers are not adding any creativity to their use.

Not Axe Body Spray.  Take a look at this voyeuristic use of QR Codes – a great promotion by Axe.


<iframe width=”440″ height=”330″ src=”″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>


VIDEO: Largest QR Code Made of Fruit Boxes

QR Codes orange crates

WOW! World’s largest QR Code made from orange crates!


Watch as a crew in Mexico build the largest QR Code ever made out of fruit boxes in this advertisement for Volkswagen.

If you want to see the largest gallery of custom QR Codes on the web, click here.




Barcodes Now 60 Years Old

Here’s a neat infographic about the history of the barcode and the more recent QR Code.  And, no, Santa Claus is still not using them for inventory control or promotions.

 History of the Barcode




Get Your Game Face On

With the application of QR codes on the rise, new ways to use them are being found every day.  QR codes are currently being employed to connect patrons to a wide range of data like mobile websites, videos, surveys, sweepstakes, and more.  You can currently find QR codes anywhere, specifically packaging, magazines, and billboards.  Although their first purpose was to replace barcodes while tracking inventory, many industries have adopted their use and even created custom QR codes for their company’s benefit.

But the one vertical that seems to have not utilized the power of QR codes is the online gaming market.  Online gamers are probably the most tech savvy consumers in today’s society and would find the exploitation of QR codes extremely interesting.  More top online casino sites and game developers should embrace the great value of QR codes and implant them throughout their websites or games.  These QR codes could lead them to content that tells them more about the game, gives them hints, or gives them bonus coins.

mii qr codesNintendo has currently welcomed the use of QR codes by allowing consumers to share their Mii characters as QR codes.  After creating a Mii, a QR code is developed that can be scanned by others so they can download that particular character onto their Nintendo 3DS.  You no longer need to put in the extra effort of creating your own and/or famous video game characters in Mii form.  You can mooch off the work of others and easily download well-known characters like Mario and Luigi onto your Nintendo 3DS with one simple scan.

On the other hand, online gaming sites seem to be using QR codes more for advertising bits.  Instead of having to type in a URL on your computer after seeing an ad in a magazine, newspaper, or billboard, a consumer can simply scan a QR code and be connected with the site almost immediately.  More and more online gaming sites are using QR codes as their marketing medium to allow patrons to interact with their website right away.


Novel Idea

In Spain, trains are showing QR Codes to allow riders to download the first chapter of a book.  What a great way to get people hooked on your book and get them to buy the entire product!

With this product, I wouldn’t have to sit in the book store and get dirty looks when I read the first chapter there.

QR Codes for book sales

Scan the QR Code, get the first chapter of a book.

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