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Mobile Marketing for Apartments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



ATS Mobile was an exhibitor at the Pennsylvania Apartment Association (PAA) trade show on March 26, 2014, at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

ATS has had considerable success in the apartment business as evidenced by its mobile marketing for apartments case study on this site from the Toll Apartment Group.

Over 1500 apartment industry employees and over 200 exhibitors attended the event.  Traffic at the ATS Mobile booth was brisk with a lot of interest from the attendees.

Pennsylvania Apartment Association mobile marketing

KEEPING PHILLY OCCUPIED was the theme of mobile marketing agency ATS Mobile at the Pennsylvania Apartment Association trade show.




The Building Blocks of Mobile Marketing

As part of our continuing Mobile Marketing Knowledge College, ATS Mobile’s Brad Bierman discusses the foundations for a successful mobile marketing campaign.


Missed our last installment of the Mobile Marketing Knowledge College? Watch Scott Bronenberg teach you how to sell more during a snowstorm with geo-targeted mobile advertising…in an actual snowstorm.


Top 20 Leaders in Mobile to Follow

2014 is projected to be a big year for the mobile marketing industry.  Not only is mobile device ownership and use expected to skyrocket, but mobile marketing is becoming increasingly important to businesses of all sizes and industries.  Here is a list of the top 20 users on Twitter helping us keep up with up-to-date information on the mobile marketing industry who we recommend you follow:

Twitter Goes Mobile

  1. Mobile Marketing Association (@MMAglobal ) – this leading trade association seeks to expand the creation and growth of mobile marketing technologies in the U.S. and abroad.
  2. Mobile Marketer (@Mobile MaktrDaily) – one of the top online news sources for information on mobile marketing, media, and e-commerce online.
  3. Mobile Marketing (@MMMagTweets) –published by Dot Media, Mobile Marketing from London, UK shares insight on the mobile marketing industry.
  4. Engadget Mobile (@engadgetmobile) – this page offers get up-to-date information on the latest mobile gadgets.
  5. IntoMobile (@IntoMobile) – one of the most widely read source on cell phones which also features up-to-date reviews on new mobile technology.
  6. Gregory Hickman (@gjhickman) – founder of and author of The SMS Marketing Handbook who does mobile marketing for Cabela’s.
  7. Hank Mondaca (@Mobil_Marketer) –VP of Sonic Mobile USA working to bridge the gap between both techies and marketers, particularly in the mobile arena.
  8. Helen Keegan (@technokitten) – A mobile marketing specialist for over 10 years and creator of the blog
  9. Liz Philips (@iizLiz) – Sr. Marketing Manager at Qualcomm with over 15 years of experience in the marketing field who discusses app technology on Twitter.
  10. Graham Charlton (@gcharlton) – Editor-In-Chief of Econsultancy who blogs about digital marketing and commerce.
  11. Angie Schottmuller (@aschottmuller) – Director of Optimization at Three Deep Marketing who has worked with both B2C and B2B companies for over 13 years. Her specializations include mobile conversion optimization, mobile landing pages, and mobile SEO.
  12. Katrina Klier (@KatrinaKlier) – Managing Director of Global Marketing and Communications at Accenture and a Women in Tech Advocate.
  13. Scott Stanchak (@ScottStanchak )– Mobile Marketing Manager for the New York Times who offers up-to-date insight on apps.
  14.  Bhavishya Kanjhan (@bhavishya) – Mobile Marketing Professional and Tech Contributor for Gulf News also listed as one of Dubai’s “100 most compelling tweeters”.
  15. Rhonda Rice (@shegeek) – A Mobile and App Development Entrepreneur from the Dallas, TX area
  16. Tom Edwards (@BlackFin360) – a Mobile, Social, and Digital Marketing  expert who and VP of Digital Strategy
  17. Kelly Hodgkins (@kellyhodgkins) – Senior Editor for IntoMobile and app reviewer who has been a technology writer for about 5 years.
  18. Ann Handley (@MarketingProfs) – Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and author of Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcats, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business
  19. eMarketer (@eMarketer) – Offers up-to-date information on digital marketing, commerce, and media
  20. MobileMarketingWatch (@MobileMW) – A mobile marketing resource owned and operated by mobileStorm in Los Angeles

Mobile Thoughts for 2014

With the New Year in full swing, Brad Bierman of ATS Mobile has already made four big predictions about the role of mobile marketing for this year.  They include:

  1. Mobile consumers expect to have a more personalized experience with businesses via apps and ads.
  2. Marketers will feel more comfortable with mobile advertising than in previous years.
  3. Businesses of all sizes will venture use mobile advertising to promote their brands.
  4. Mobile marketing will be more visual, and the integration of video and 3-d footage will be more common.

Watch Brad Bierman talk more in-depth about all four points in this new video, and Happy New Year!


Business Leaders Plan to Increase Mobile Marketing Spending in 2014

Now that 2013 is coming to a close, a recent survey from StrongView reveals the marketing spending plans of 387 North American business leaders for the new year.

Most business leaders shared that digital media marketing for their company will be increased in the upcoming year.  Over 52 percent want to increase the amount of money spent on e-mail marketing campaigns.  They also plan to spend more money promoting their brand through Social media (46 percent), SEO (41 percent), and online display ads (31 percent) in 2014.

In fact, 32 percent of business leaders want to expand their marketing efforts through mobile devices.  Mobile ad spending has recently been predicted to outpace the amount of money spent on radio and magazine ads by 2016.  This trend is already evident in the StrongView survey, for more business leaders plan to cut rather than expand ad spending in radio/TV, print, and direct mail.

Business marketing spending plans 2014

While business leaders want to either sustain or expand their marketing spending plans, many plan to use new media channels over traditional media channels for promoting their brand.

Clearly, many business leaders see mobile marketing as a critical marketing tool in this increasingly digital age.  To get more information about how to integrate mobile into the marketing strategy of your business, visit


SMS text interaction helps collegiate enrollment directors engage with students

In our ongoing discussions with higher education administrators in admissions departments around the country, the same message reverberates from staff members at schools of all sizes; the challenge is greater than ever to successfully attract, recruit, and retain students on their respective campuses.

Whether it’s the ongoing turbulent economic landscape, continuing demographic shifts, or the greater use of technology to provide online alternatives to individuals seeking college degrees, it’s a consistent challenge facing those responsible for enrollment management at schools nationally. 

If there is one common denominator for (virtually) every individual on campus, or for the future students that these educational professionals are eying to become the newest members of the next freshman class, it’s a mobile phone. 

Ever see a student without one?

There’s not a better way to disseminate a specific marketing message than directly to the desired recipient, no matter where they are. 

Utilizing options for text messaging or downloading apps on a smartphone provided an easy entree for ats Mobile to build out a SMS text-based engine that disseminates questions and answers to build towards a cumulative point total, while allowing its client universities to engage their brand with a host of targeted groups including prospective and current students, and alumni.

The SMS text game titled U-Mobile combines the options for learning, information gathering, and quizzing, wrapped up into the fun of playing an interactive mobile scavenger hunt with a prize, such as a steep discount at the bookstore, attached as an incentive. 

Compete, have fun, win, and connect.  It all adds up to a unique way to brand your school, help achieve your department goals, and it’s wrapped around a mobile game.

Entrants to any U-Mobile event are listed in the real time program dashboard allowing schools to simply log in to know who is interacting and by date/time, and by securing opt-in permission from a consumer can simultaneously send broadcast text messages to all members of a specific list from the same dashboard.

U-Mobile, another mobile tool available to higher education administrators to assist in enrollment management. 


Using Mobile Video & Rich Media To Promote Your Business

How will you use mobile video & rich media to promote your business?

Let Mobile Account Manager Jim Marnie show you how, in an encore presentation of his hit webinar “Using Mobile Video & Rich Media to Promote Your Business.” If you missed out the first time, this is your chance for redemption.

Click HERE to find other great webinars from ATS Mobile.


Mobile Marketing: Your Message on the Move

Learn more about mobile marketing by taking a look at one of our presentations.  This presentation was done for a major media group in Philadelphia by ATS’s Bob Bentz and Scott Bronenberg.


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