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Earn $$$ With Sports Handicapping 900 Numbers

Could there possibly be a better way to earn money than by working in the sports business?

If you love sports, you probably consider yourself pretty good at predicting the outcomes of games.  But, gambling on sports is risky in so many ways.  That’s why offering a sports handicapping 900 number is a great idea for the upcoming football season.

At Advanced Telecom Services, we’ve been offering sports handicapping 900 numbers for more than two decades.  We know sports.  At Advanced Telecom Services, we know that “ATS” stands for more than just our company’s acronym.

And, the carriers love sports handicapping as well.  Getting a sports 900 number approved at MCI 900 is no problem at all.  That’s because gamblers tend to pay their debts, including their phone bills.  Moreover, sports handicapping 900 numbers tend to be short in duration, but high in cost–exactly the type of call that the carriers love.

When it comes to fans calling sports handicapping 900 numbers, there is no doubt that football is the king.  Many American gamblers bet only on football and many bet only on the NFL.  So, when September rolls around, many of these (mostly) men have a full bankroll to use.  But, surprisingly, our research and experience shows that October, not September, is the best time of the year for sports handicapping 900 number calling.  That’s because players think they can make a go of it on their own in September, only to find that they hit a losing streak and seek out professional advice come October.

When it comes to offering a sports handicapping service, it is good to offer at least two price points on two separate 900 numbers.  Offer the low cost pick in your advertising and upsell the customer to a more expensive service as your premium pick.

Finally, when it comes to sports handicapping services, you can’t simply use 900 numbers any more.  Since mobile phones cannot dial 900 numbers and many of the internet home phone carriers (Vonage, Comcast, for example) don’t permit 900 number calling, you are going to need an alternative.  That’s where an automated credit card program comes in.  You’ll need both a 900 number and an automated credit card 800 number program to fully maximize your sports handicapping services.

You’ve shown you can pick winners when it comes to football and others sports.  Offering a sports handicapping service is a great way to parlay that expertise into a nice second income for yourself–an income that may eventually become a full-time job.

And, what could be better than working in sports every day?

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