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A Heart-Warming Email from an Ex-Employee

Employee appreciation

One of the mantras that I’ve always lived by is that:

“Our Employees are our Greatest Asset”

But, every now and then, something happens when I realize that I’ve made a positive impact on the life of somebody else.  Such an impact was obviously made when I received this email today from an employee that worked for ATS over twenty years ago.

Hope you have a great weekend. 22 years later, I want to say THANK YOU for investing in sending me to the Dale Carnegie Sales Training.

I still use some of the strategies and learnings from the multi-week course. Only years later, can I truly appreciate your generosity.

Thanks again and enjoy the weekend! Hope all is well with the business and Bentz family.

I can’t tell you how much that email meant to me so I wanted to share it with our blog readers.

Say something nice to somebody today.  It will make their day.


Companies Using Mobile Marketing 2015

ATS Mobile customers

A good start to the new year for ATS Mobile

It’s been a great start to the 2015 year with the following companies discovering the power of mobile and mobile marketing strategies developed by ATS Mobile.


Remembering Bob Lansinger

ATS Staff circa 1992

Bob Lansinger (green jacket) with some of the ATS staff, circa 1992.

One of the great things about being in business so long is that you get a chance to meet ordinary people who are quite extraordinary.

Such a man was Bob Lansinger.

Bob was our AT&T representative at Advanced Telecom Services in the early 1990’s.  He was instrumental in helping us grow into a much bigger company through the decade of the 90’s.

More importantly, however, he was our friend.  He lived in the same township as my long-time business partner Bret Dunlap and me.  Our three daughters went to the same high school together, played sports together, and my daughter and his even went to the same college together at Clemson.

My fondest memories of Bob was when we first started the business in suburban Philadelphia and I was still living in Connecticut until we knew for sure that the business was going to warrant a permanent move.  My life was pretty tough then, leaving on Monday morning and returning home on Thursday night with a young son at home that I missed tremendously.  I basically worked all day, because I didn’t have anything else to do.

Bob was the first person in the area who invited me to his home and I remember how nice it was to get out of the office and hang out with a nice family at night.  I’ll never forget what a kind gesture that was and how it was so much nicer to be in the Lansinger home with my friend than at a restaurant with my vendor.

You’ll never meet a kinder person than Bob Lansinger.

Thanks for all you did for our business Bob and thanks even more for being our friend.


ATS Welcomes Two New Marketing Consultants

ATS Mobile is pleased to announce the hiring of two new Mobile Marketing Consultants to its team.

Barb Osier Breeser, a long time expert in the field and resident of Des Moines, Iowa, has joined the team.  In addition, Kevin Campbell, a recent graduate of James Madison University with a background in internet-related sales in New York City, has also begun a new career with ATS and will work out of its King of Prussia headquarters.

ATS Mobile hires two new consultants

Barb Breeser and Kevin Campbell are the newest members of the ATS Mobile team.



We’re 25 Years Old – Time Flies By


It doesn’t seem like it was a quarter of a century when a group of entrepreneurs joined forces to open the doors to Advanced Telecom Services in Wayne, Pa. in the summer of 1989.

George Bush, the elder, was President, a Cornell University student became the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for unleashing a computer virus, and baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose accepted a lifetime ban for betting on the sport.

It was also in the infancy of the burgeoning 900 number pay-per-call, audiotext industry, with crossword puzzle devotees having an option of finding an answer instantly, for a nominal fee, by dialing a 900 number on their landline phone.  Newspapers around the country soon adapted the service, including the venerable New York Times. 

From 900 numbers dispensing news, sports and entertainment in the U.S. and Canada, to pay-per-call programs debuting in several countries throughout the 1990s including the U.K. and Czech Republic, Advanced Telecom Services quickly became a global leader in processing audiotext programs.

In 2001, the eventual full conversion to a digital, mobile-first agency began with the introduction of one of North America’s first membership-based ringtone websites,, which grew to over 60,000 paying members.

By 2007, the push to mobile was fully underway with website and app development, the introduction of the do-it-yourself text platform at, and sister company Advanced Mobile being purchased by mobile automotive giant AutoByTel, and Advanced Telecom’s name change to ATS Mobile, both occurring in 2013. 

Following another change last year, a move into our new offices in the Valley Forge Casino complex and resort in King of Prussia, Pa., we currently specialize in engagement strategies in the mobile space.  ATS seeks to partner with growing businesses, define ambitious goals, and develop and execute strategies to achieve them.  

For more on the history of Advanced Telecom Services and ATS Mobile click here.


ATS Mobile Hosts Google Partners Connect Event

ATS Mobile was the site of a nationwide Google Partners Event for businesses.

ATS Mobile was the site of a nationwide Google Partners Connect Event for businesses.

The ATS Mobile office had a special occasion today.  Google hosted a nationwide Partners Connect Event for new and current clients to learn more about its advertising services for businesses.

Three Google Partner experts shared information about a line of products including Google Adwords and Google Plus for Business.  AdWords enables businesses to make their websites SEO-friendly while Google Plus can be used to acquire customer views that boost a company’s SEO score.

Google experts even stressed that small and medium-sized businesses need to utilize the marketing services provided to them by agencies.  With mobile marketing on the rise, companies of all sizes need to take advantage of this to boost sales in this smartphone-savvy age.

Check out our slideshow about ATS Mobile’s products from today’s Google Partners Event for information on how we can help you business best use mobile.  Contact us on our website for more details.  We want to connect with you!


(Semi) Last Call: Join us for our Google Partners Connect Event Wed. May 21


You’re invited to learn about various Google digital assets, including Adwords, and more about digital agency services when we host a Google Partners Connect event next Wednesday, May 21, from 2-3 p.m. at our King of Prussia office located in the Parkview Office Tower attached next to the Radisson Hotel and Valley Forge Casino complex.

Three Google executives will speak, followed by ATS Mobile, it’s casual and fast-paced, interactive, a chance to learn, and Google is sponsoring light refreshments.

The event is free, simply take a look at this link and let us know of your interest in attending and we’ll look forward to seeing you next week:




Learn more about Google and online advertising


ATS Mobile will present a tremendous opportunity for members of the Philadelphia-area business community to learn about several facets of Google marketing and the advantages of working with a digital agency, when it holds a Google Partners Connect event on Wed., May 21 from 2-3 p.m. at the company’s Parkview Office Tower suite adjacent to the Radisson Hotel and Valley Forge Casino in suburban King of Prussia, Pa.

The session will feature three Google executives speaking on insights to help small businesses, including using Google adwords for online advertising, and the best approaches of working with an online and digital specialized agency.

“Anytime you can partner with Google and receive helpful information it’s a plus,” ATS President Bob Bentz said  of the global search engine and online advertising giant.  “The information from Google experts will help businesses of all sizes learn more about online and digital marketing.”

In addition, ATS Mobile will review its mobile agency services, and light refreshments will be provided for this fast-paced and interactive session.

If you or a business you know of is interested in attending this free event, please RSVP by May 19 at this link:



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