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If you’ve seen QR Codes, but aren’t sure what to do with them when you see them, watch this video about QR Codes and you’ll soon be an expert on scanning QR Codes.


Auto Dealer Uses Custom QR Code

Auto dealers are certainly learning the power of mobile marketing and QR Codes. Advanced Telecom Services developed a Custom QR Code for The Suburban Collection — an 29 brand auto dealer group in Michigan and south Florida. Visitors who take a test drive receive a $25 incentive. The Suburban Collection used Eye Candy Wraps to provide the auto wrap on the car.


QR Codes for auto dealers

The Suburban Collection is using a Custom QR Code to promote test drives.


Nordstrom QR Code Fail: Business Card

On a recent post, Robert Bentz, owner of Advanced Telecom Services, wrote an article on the use of business cards and Custom QR Codes. With QR Codes being the new advertising fashion sensation, codes are becoming more visible to the public eye. But with that said, are businesses taking advantage of what a QR Code has to offer, or are they using them just for looks?

In Nordstrom (King of Prussia Mall), you will see several QR Codes around the various departments. But the one that will stand out in particular is those on the business cards of all the sales associates. Business card QR Codes are great and have tons of advantages, but if the QR Code is not executed properly, then you will have limited success.

The QR Codes on the Nordstrom business cards, have no tracking source and no color. Also, the URL string was not shortened to give a better scan rate. With that said not every scanner will be able to read this QR Code. QR Code stands for Quick Response, meaning if your code does not immediately scan, than the user will probably give up.

If Nordstrom were to properly execute this QR Code campaign, it is possible that their sales could increase. The concept of scanning the QR Code to grab the associates information (name and number) is awesome! With a billion dollar company like Norstom’s every detail should count on trying to be the best. There are absolutely no shortcuts with QR Codes. Not every in-house designer can properly produce these QR Codes.

If you are looking to prevent your QR Code Campaign from failing like Nordsrtom’s please read my article on 7 ways to success of a QR Code Campaign.

See the photo below of the Nordstrom Business Card QR Code. (To protect the associates identity I will only be showing the back of the business card.)

qr code nordstrom


About the author: Frank Mazza is the mobile developer and QR Code expert for mobile marketing firm Advanced Telecom Services (ATS), which has developed Custom QR Codes and mobile Web campaigns for clients such as Polo Ralph Lauren, CNN, Subway, Sprint, Garnier, Comcast, USL Lacrosse and the National Football League. See some of ATS’ unique QR Codes here.


QR Code Scans Lead to Purchases

Half of all smatphone owners have scanned QR Codes and 18% of them made a purchase after scanning a QR Code, according to a new survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

More statistics show that 21% of those who scanned a QR Code shared that information with somebody else.

Most find scanning a QR Code to be easy — 70% said so.  This statistic is surprising to me given that QR Codes are relatively new, but since they are currently the bastion of savvy smartphone users, I guess it’s believable.

Unfortunately, getting valuable information didn’t score as well.  Too many sites must simply be linking the QR Code to an unmobilized website.  Only 41% found the information they received to be partcularly useful.

“The fact that two in five found the information provided through QR code to be useful show there is a big opportunity for marketers is to create better directed information to consumers,” said Jeffrey McKenna, senior consultant, Chadwick Martin Bailey, of Boston.


Custom QR Code Development


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