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We’re 25 Years Old – Time Flies By


It doesn’t seem like it was a quarter of a century when a group of entrepreneurs joined forces to open the doors to Advanced Telecom Services in Wayne, Pa. in the summer of 1989.

George Bush, the elder, was President, a Cornell University student became the first person to be indicted under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act for unleashing a computer virus, and baseball’s all-time hits leader Pete Rose accepted a lifetime ban for betting on the sport.

It was also in the infancy of the burgeoning 900 number pay-per-call, audiotext industry, with crossword puzzle devotees having an option of finding an answer instantly, for a nominal fee, by dialing a 900 number on their landline phone.  Newspapers around the country soon adapted the service, including the venerable New York Times. 

From 900 numbers dispensing news, sports and entertainment in the U.S. and Canada, to pay-per-call programs debuting in several countries throughout the 1990s including the U.K. and Czech Republic, Advanced Telecom Services quickly became a global leader in processing audiotext programs.

In 2001, the eventual full conversion to a digital, mobile-first agency began with the introduction of one of North America’s first membership-based ringtone websites,, which grew to over 60,000 paying members.

By 2007, the push to mobile was fully underway with website and app development, the introduction of the do-it-yourself text platform at, and sister company Advanced Mobile being purchased by mobile automotive giant AutoByTel, and Advanced Telecom’s name change to ATS Mobile, both occurring in 2013. 

Following another change last year, a move into our new offices in the Valley Forge Casino complex and resort in King of Prussia, Pa., we currently specialize in engagement strategies in the mobile space.  ATS seeks to partner with growing businesses, define ambitious goals, and develop and execute strategies to achieve them.  

For more on the history of Advanced Telecom Services and ATS Mobile click here.


Earn $$$ With Sports Handicapping 900 Numbers

Could there possibly be a better way to earn money than by working in the sports business?

If you love sports, you probably consider yourself pretty good at predicting the outcomes of games.  But, gambling on sports is risky in so many ways.  That’s why offering a sports handicapping 900 number is a great idea for the upcoming football season.

At Advanced Telecom Services, we’ve been offering sports handicapping 900 numbers for more than two decades.  We know sports.  At Advanced Telecom Services, we know that “ATS” stands for more than just our company’s acronym.

And, the carriers love sports handicapping as well.  Getting a sports 900 number approved at MCI 900 is no problem at all.  That’s because gamblers tend to pay their debts, including their phone bills.  Moreover, sports handicapping 900 numbers tend to be short in duration, but high in cost–exactly the type of call that the carriers love.

When it comes to fans calling sports handicapping 900 numbers, there is no doubt that football is the king.  Many American gamblers bet only on football and many bet only on the NFL.  So, when September rolls around, many of these (mostly) men have a full bankroll to use.  But, surprisingly, our research and experience shows that October, not September, is the best time of the year for sports handicapping 900 number calling.  That’s because players think they can make a go of it on their own in September, only to find that they hit a losing streak and seek out professional advice come October.

When it comes to offering a sports handicapping service, it is good to offer at least two price points on two separate 900 numbers.  Offer the low cost pick in your advertising and upsell the customer to a more expensive service as your premium pick.

Finally, when it comes to sports handicapping services, you can’t simply use 900 numbers any more.  Since mobile phones cannot dial 900 numbers and many of the internet home phone carriers (Vonage, Comcast, for example) don’t permit 900 number calling, you are going to need an alternative.  That’s where an automated credit card program comes in.  You’ll need both a 900 number and an automated credit card 800 number program to fully maximize your sports handicapping services.

You’ve shown you can pick winners when it comes to football and others sports.  Offering a sports handicapping service is a great way to parlay that expertise into a nice second income for yourself–an income that may eventually become a full-time job.

And, what could be better than working in sports every day?


Sweepstakes and Contests Defined


Premium SMS and 900 numbers are frequently used for sweepstakes and contents like “Deal or No Deal”.

Sweepstakes and contests have long been a popular method of promotion for brands and products.  Sweepstakes and contests often use 900 number entry or entry via premium SMS.

Sweepstakes and contests are some of the most highly regulated of marketing tactics.  Furthermore, sweepstakes are regulated by a complex set of individual state laws that add to the complexity of the already existing national laws.

If you wish to promote a sweepstakes or contest via 900 number or premium SMS, we encourage you to obtain your own legal opinions.  The following information is supplied solely as a guideline and is not intended to offer legal advice.

Consideration — Although the actual definition of consideration varies widely from state to state, consideration generally means that a willing participant is required to make a purchase or pay for access to be eligible to enter a game.  By using a 900 number or premium SMS, there is an inherent consideration involved.

Sweepstakes — A sweepstakes is a legal game that includes a prize and a game of chance.  No consideration is permitted in a legal sweepstakes.

Contest — A contest is a promotional mechanism that includes a prize and is a game of skill.  Consideration is permitted in a contest, but there can be no element of chance at any point in a contest.

Lottery — A lottery is a game that includes a prize, a game of chance, and a consideration.  Federal legislation and State laws govern all lotteries for promotional purposes.  Therefore, you are not able to run a lottery.

So, you may be wondering, how come I see some sweepstakes that do charge people to enter?  That may very well be the case, but it is likely that the sweepstakes is offering some “Alternative Form of Free Entry.”  In other words, if you wish to run a sweepstakes via a 900 number or premium SMS, like Deal or No Deal did, you need also provide a completely free form of entry whereby the free entrants receive the same opportunity to win the prize as those who have paid for the entry.

Again, if you wish to run any type of sweepstakes or contest, you should not take the content herewith as legal advice, as we are not attorneys.  You should consult your own attorney and get the necessary opinion letters prior to running your program.


Santa Claus 900 Line

Have a very Merry Christmas.



Pound Codes in Canada

Pound codes utilize short code dialing whereas the mobile phone user can hit the # sign plus a short code number and then dial a standard rate phone call or a premium rate phone call.

The standard rate phone call is free to the consumer and the premium rate phone call will cost the consumer, much like calling a 900 number from a landline phone does.

While starting a pound code number is not cheap (the initial investment is $3000), it is a way to access cell phone only households with your voice information.  Plus, its an easy way to charge the consumer for your premium information.

Most important, it’s a great way to charge your consumer that is on the go, like the billboard below that I saw while vacationing in Florida.


JC Penney Uses Innovative QR Code Promotion

J.C. Penney is providing an innovative use of QR Codes for the holiday season.  There is no doubt that QR Codes are everywhere this Christmas season.

In fact, a very similar application was done by Advanced Telecom Services back in 1990. Let’s say the grandkids sent flowers to Grandma. The grandkids would record a message on a 900 number. When Grandma received the flowers, she would call an 800 number to listen to the message from the grandkids.


“Opportunity is Calling” the complete solution of 900 numbers

Bob Bentz, the Director of Marketing and Sales of Advanced Telecom Services, has been doing 900 number business since 1989. 900 numbers are very important for marketing tool, he has written a book named “Opportunity is Calling”, where you can find the total guideline for 900 numbers.

For More Information check this video…..


Taiwan Baseball 900 Number

An oldie but a goodie from the history of 900 numbers.  Here’s a 900 number TV commercial from Advanced Telecom Services’ Taiwan office.

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