How Food Trucks Use SMS Marketing

Build Food Truck Profits through SMS marketing

When you own a food vendor truck, you worry about the design of your truck: where your logo will be displayed, your most occupied locations, and your phone number. Soon, you start to think there won’t be enough room for your actual menu. But you’re forgetting one key marketing information: your keyword.  It’s time to start thinking about where your text message marketing keyword and short codes will go.

SMS marketing can help advertise all the things needed to in order to get new customers for truck vendors, and keep them have coming back. Just like an immobile restaurant, it is important to keep customers up to date on everything that is changing. For a restaurant that could mean things in the kitchen as well as in the dining room, but for a food truck it could mean in the kitchen, most recent locations as well as future ones, special coupons, as well as event and seasonal appearances. As a kitchen that is constantly on the move, text message marketing can help reach customers while they’re on the move  too.

Social Media is an simple, not to mention free, way to update customers on food trucks’ whereabouts and specials. All it takes is a simple post or a tweet and following customers are in the know. This option allows real-time communicati’on between consumer and company, while also diminishing confusion and increasing demand. 57% of food truck owners had more Twitter followers than they did likes on Facebook, but with Twitter comes uncertainty of exposure.

SMS Marketing for Food Trucks

SMS marketing is an opportunity to personally engage with customers

SMS marketing has the ability to increase this exposure. 95 – 98% of text messages are read within minutes of receipt, which means that upon delivery the marketing material is received and processed by hungry consumers. Not only does text message marketing allow food vendors to control what is marketed and who receives it, but this marketing tool also builds a customer database. With each customer who opts-in to receive marketed text messages a mobile phone number is saved and stored for future subscriber data. SMS marketing creates an opportunity to build a stronger relationship with customers.

If customers opted-in to learn more about your vegetarian menu, their phone number can be categorized for future changes or specials on the vegetarian menu. If someone uses a keyword to learn about when a food truck will be in a specific neighborhood that number is categorized along with all the other customers from that neighborhood. This allows the option for a broadcast text alert to be sent to all subscribers in that neighborhood when it is appropriate.

If a truck relocates for breakfast, lunch, and dinner each day, the owners can let their customers know by social media post or direct to their mobile phone. How? All customers have to do is text a keyword to the shortcode and receive a list of dates and locations that they’ll be occupying. This way they have a calendar to refer to when they want their favorite hot dog or pretzel.

The possibilities are endless for marketing products. Promote a coupon code through SMS marketing and the code is saved in hundreds of inboxes for easy access. Market specials and new menu items through a broadcast message and know that customer received your information. In the city and on the street, vendors are already up-close and personal with their customers, so get more personal by texting straight to their mobile phones. Customers will never forget their favorite food truck.

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