When Was the Year of Mobile?

It’s almost the end of another year and with the end of the year, people in the business of mobile marketing often reflect on whether the upcoming year will be the Year of Mobile?  My contention is that the year of mobile has already come and gone.  We are now instead, living in the AGE OF MOBILE.


The Year of Mobile

Nobody knows for sure when the “Year of Mobile” was, but it has surely already happened.

You do not hear much anymore about when was the “Year of Mobile,” but it used to be the title of numerous articles that one saw towards the end of the year in the late 2000’s.  Of course, the premise that one particular year could be the turning point for an industry that has evolved incredibly quickly is ludicrous in the first place.

But, let’s take a shot at this one anyway.   And, to discuss mobile, it simply makes sense to discuss the two most influential companies in the business—Apple and Google.

In 2007, Apple developed the first iPhone.  It was a game changer.  The iPhone would change the way we thought of mobile, because mobile was no longer just about making a cellular phone call.  Apple’s new creation changed all that as the mobile phone evolved into what it is today—a multi-dimensional communications tool.

But, of course, smartphone penetration by age group took a while to really catch on and have enough mass appeal to be a significant factor.

In 2010, Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google (now called “Alphabet Inc.”) announced, at the Mobile World Congress, that its company would develop for mobile devices first and everything else, including the then ubiquitous desktop computer, would be secondary.  This was the start of the buzzword “mobile-first” as a philosophy of doing business.  Today, mobile is the single most important medium of communication in the world.  Mobile has gone from a nice thing to have to a must have for forward thinking businesses.

So when was the “Year of Mobile?”  In my mind, it is 2010, because it was the introduction of the moniker “mobile-first.”  Today, sagacious businesses know that a mobile-first strategy is the single best way to succeed long term.



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