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Mobile Advertising Recruitment for Quick Serve Restaurants

Best Way to Get the Employees you Need

Recruiting for your quick serve restaurant can’t be easy.  Turnover is high and it’s often difficult to fill the hourly positions, especially in wealthier areas.

That’s why geo-targeted mobile advertising works so well for talent acquisition for restaurants.  You can zero in on just the geographic areas where you obtain most of your employees.  Moreover, behavioral data on social media sites such as Facebook enable you to find people that are unemployed or currently seeking employment.

ATS Mobile has had considerable success with recruitment in several areas, including nursing, trucking, and restaurant employees.  Take a look at a recent presentation we made to our McDonald’s franchisees and give us a call if you think we’ve passed the test.



Let Your Voice(mail) be Heard

One of the biggest problems with voicemail messages is that sometimes they sit in the recipient’s inbox just waiting to be listened to. The reason for this is because the recipient thinks the communication transaction has ended. Now before I get into what I mean by this, let’s take a look at how someone goes about leaving a voicemail message. The sender places a phone call to initiate the transaction; the recipient does not answer; the sender leaves a message. In the recipient’s mind the transaction occurred and the communication is now complete because the ultimate message was delivered via voicemail.

Now let’s imagine the same situation except this time, the phone never rings. The recipient looks down at his or her cell phone and sees a notification for a new voicemail, but does not have a missed call. Curiosity immediately sets in. Who called me? What did he or she want to tell me? Why didn’t my phone ring? What’s going on? Compelled by curiosity, the recipient immediately dials into his/her voicemail to figure out who the mystery messenger is.person-woman-hand-smartphone-large

So I’m sure you’re wondering how you could possibly leave a voicemail without the phone ringing first. Well, the answer is ringless voicemail. Ringless voicemail allows you to leave a message on the consumer’s phone without it ever ringing. This means, you never have to worry about the phone call interrupting the recipient’s meal, meeting, or favorite TV show. He or she has the convenience of listening to the voicemail whenever it is most convenient. Additionally, the consumer is more likely to return your phone call because he/she listened to it during his/her free time.

Sick and tired of cold calling customers and getting the same response? Eliminate the monotony of hearing the phone ring and just get directly to the consumer’s voicemail. Now you already have one foot in the door when you go to follow-up or, better yet, when you get a call back.

Furthermore, ringless voicemail allows you to record your own personal message. This means you can mess up as many times as you want, but only send your best effort. This eliminates the chance of nerves setting in and other human errors and only broadcasts your best message. Then you can send the same message to as many people as you want!

With ringless voicemail, the mundane voice message has evolved into something special and exciting like the telegram once was during World War II.


PLAY BALL! – Introducing the MLB & USA Baseball Play Ball Coach’s App


USA Baseball, in cooperation with Major League Baseball, is pleased to announce the introduction of the Play Ball Mobile Coach AppThe app is specifically designed to improve baseball coaching at all levels.

Included are baseball drills with specific levels of difficulty assigned to each.  Videos are included to enable the baseball coach to better understand the way that the drill should be run.  Coaches will also learn to rely on the pitch count portion of the app which enables the coach to track the pitch counts of his pitchers on the team so he knows which players are eligible for each game.

USA Baseball wants to make sure that all of its baseball coaches are as good as they can be.  This is a free app and ready for download now on the Apple and Android stores.  Search for “Play Ball Mobile Coach.”

The mobile app was created in King of Prussia, PA at ATS Mobile headquarters.

Video produced by ATS Mobile.  ATS has been very active in the sports app market.  Learn more about the USA Hockey app and why it’s so important to have a How To video here.

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