Ringless Voicemail: Great for Sales Prospecting

It seems like every time we talk to somebody about ringless voicemail, they are very intrigued.  The first question is usually: “how can you do that?”

Well, we don’t want to give away our special sauce, but what we do end up with is the ability to leave a voicemail on the phone of the recipient without ever ringing the phone!

The reason Ringless Voicemail is so darn effective as a marketing tool is that you don’t actually ring the phone.  Imagine, if you will, the poor response you’d get from most consumers if they received an automated phone call from your business.  But, with Ringless Voicemail, the message goes right on the voicemail, without interrupting the consumer.

“Most of the clients we have are businesses that want to leave a message quickly for their opt-in customers,” said Bob Bentz, president of ATS.  “Others are companies prospecting for sales leads.  It works really well for prospecting since sales is such a numbers game any more and its increasingly difficult to get the prospect to answer your calls anyway.”

Listen as ATS’s Bob Bentz talks more about Ringless Voicemail and how it can help your business.



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