58% Restaurant Website Visits are From Mobile

Majority of Chili’s Website Visitors Come from Mobile

I have long been an advocate of restaurant’s having a viable mobile marketing strategy — a strategy that at its basics includes:

mobile visits for restaurants

58% of Chili’s website visits come from mobile.

  • text message marketing
  • mobile optimized website
  • online ordering
  • Facebook advertising

It certainly makes sense that a restaurant would over-achieve in relation to the average when it comes to the percentage of website visitors that come from mobile.  Its a statistic, however, that I had never seen…until now.

Chili’s has long been one of the best when it comes to mobile marketing.  It wasn’t until this article was released, however, that I first learned that 58% of Chili’s website visitors come from mobile.  I would think that for take out restaurants, such as pizza restaurants, this percentage would be even higher.

Compare Chili’s versus the others in the article:

Percent of Visitors from Mobile

Chili’s = 58%

Amazon = 49%

Google = 48%

New York Times = 38%

BING = 33%

Hungry for Profits

A restaurant that follows the lead of Chili’s has the chance to greatly increase its profits.  Check out Restaurants To Go for more information on how a restaurant can sell more with mobile.



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