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Retailers Allocating 37% of Digital Budget to Mobile

direct response vs branding digital advertising

How much advertising on digital is branding versus direct response?

Digital advertising now shows 59% of its total being direct response and 41% being branding, according to this recent study by eMarketer.  Previous studies published here on the ATS Blog have shown the increasing percentage of digital advertising budgets that are being allocated to mobile.

How much of digital ad spending is mobile advertising?

What percent of digital ad spending is mobile?

Mobile now makes up 35% of total digital advertising spend.  The retail vertical is tops with 37% and healthcare and pharmaceutical lags at 26%.  Retailers have been using strategies such as geo-conquesting to strengthen their advantage over competing stores.


The State of Facebook Ads

No two Facebook advertisement posts are promoted equally.  Ad Age reports that the website has changed the branding of organic – unpaid – posts and actual paid advertisements on the news feeds of its 757 million daily users.

Social@Ogilvy conducted a study on the type of advertisements created by 106 national brands on Facebook.  It was found that the percentage of organic ads went from 12 percent in October 2013 to just 6.2 percent in February of this year.

organic reaches on Facebook

More companies turn to paid Facebook ads as the use of organic ads dramatically decrease.

Four reasons were identified for this drop in the use of organic ads:

  1. The average number of Facebook friends a user has is 338 in comparison to 229 friends in 2010 (Pew Research Center)
  2. The average Facebook user follows 40 brand sin 2013.
  3. Facebook users are increasingly liking to external news sites like Buzzfeed.
  4. More brands are paying for ads to form impressions and drive higher click-through rates.

Even the positions of ads on Facebook have changed with the increase in paid ads among companies.

The social media site used to restrict ads to Right Hand Rail ads, those on the right hand column of the page.  Now ads show up in news feeds for easier access on desktop and mobile devices and have resulted in increased revenues through higher click-through rates among users relative to the past.

Overall, Facebook is clearly moving in a direction of more responsive web design conducive to mobile users.



Success Story: Video Production for Multi-Unit Housing

ATS Mobile recently completed seven videos for the Toll Apartment Group.  The videos are part of a complete re-design for the Toll multi-family housing units in the Philadelphia area.  All sites are made with responsive design technology to ensure that they render properly on both the PC and all mobile devices.


Here are two of the videos that were produced for the Charleston Greene in Malvern, Pennsylvania and for Berkeley Trace in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.


ATS Mobile Hosts Google Partners Connect Event

ATS Mobile was the site of a nationwide Google Partners Event for businesses.

ATS Mobile was the site of a nationwide Google Partners Connect Event for businesses.

The ATS Mobile office had a special occasion today.  Google hosted a nationwide Partners Connect Event for new and current clients to learn more about its advertising services for businesses.

Three Google Partner experts shared information about a line of products including Google Adwords and Google Plus for Business.  AdWords enables businesses to make their websites SEO-friendly while Google Plus can be used to acquire customer views that boost a company’s SEO score.

Google experts even stressed that small and medium-sized businesses need to utilize the marketing services provided to them by agencies.  With mobile marketing on the rise, companies of all sizes need to take advantage of this to boost sales in this smartphone-savvy age.

Check out our slideshow about ATS Mobile’s products from today’s Google Partners Event for information on how we can help you business best use mobile.  Contact us on our website for more details.  We want to connect with you!


(Semi) Last Call: Join us for our Google Partners Connect Event Wed. May 21


You’re invited to learn about various Google digital assets, including Adwords, and more about digital agency services when we host a Google Partners Connect event next Wednesday, May 21, from 2-3 p.m. at our King of Prussia office located in the Parkview Office Tower attached next to the Radisson Hotel and Valley Forge Casino complex.

Three Google executives will speak, followed by ATS Mobile, it’s casual and fast-paced, interactive, a chance to learn, and Google is sponsoring light refreshments.

The event is free, simply take a look at this link and let us know of your interest in attending and we’ll look forward to seeing you next week:




Canada issues reminder on new regulations regarding text message marketing

Effective July 1, 2014, all text messages in Canada delivered over Common Short Codes must adhere to the country’s anti-spam law (Canada’s Anti-Spam Law – CASL) with the main provision being, “the sender will need to obtain consent from the recipient before sending the message and will need to include information that identifies the sender and enables the recipient to withdraw consent.”

The Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association (CWTA) is recommending that all content providers and future Common Short Code users such as clients using shortcode 84444 be familiar with all regulations regarding text message marketing, and if assistance is required to contact the Canadian Radio-Television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) or seek independent legal advice.

More on the upcoming regulations can be found on the CWTA website.


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