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Mobile Marketing for Apartments in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



ATS Mobile was an exhibitor at the Pennsylvania Apartment Association (PAA) trade show on March 26, 2014, at the Valley Forge Casino Resort in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania.

ATS has had considerable success in the apartment business as evidenced by its mobile marketing for apartments case study on this site from the Toll Apartment Group.

Over 1500 apartment industry employees and over 200 exhibitors attended the event.  Traffic at the ATS Mobile booth was brisk with a lot of interest from the attendees.

Pennsylvania Apartment Association mobile marketing

KEEPING PHILLY OCCUPIED was the theme of mobile marketing agency ATS Mobile at the Pennsylvania Apartment Association trade show.




What Was Your First Time?

Twitter First Tweet

Twitter is 8-years-old today.  And, in honor of its 8th birthday, it has set up a site where you can check what your first ever Tweet was!

Check out your first ever tweet here.

ATS can help you gain verifiable results with our social media management.  To learn more, check us out on our website.


Make Sure Your First Brand Impression Isn’t Your Last!

Running from the Bulls
Don’t scare your customers away with a site that doesn’t meet their needs – their needs are your needs!

Creating engagement on the first consumer impression of your web presence is critical, and yet totally misunderstood. Where 20 years ago our first impression of a business as consumers is the physical storefront or office, it is without doubt now a business’ website. What does your site say about your design prowess – is it consistent with the visual culture of your brick-and-mortar location, and in sync your other marketing materials? Who is your intended audience – is the content written with them in mind? What information are they looking for, and how hard is it to find? Most importantly, how quickly can you convert each visitor into a lead or a sale? If anything on your site isn’t contributing to conversion, it should be cut, or at the very least de-emphasized in the navigation.

Remember, the pace of the digital world should be at the forefront of decision making about your website. If your page doesn’t load fast enough or does not adapt to the user’s device, they will move on quickly to a competitor whose site performs better. Leverage analytics tools to determine whether you are retaining first-time visitors; the path they take through your site; and their demographic and location data. Your website should be optimized for the platforms that matter most to your particular customer profile. Retail businesses should be sure to offer a compelling tablet experience for second-screen sofa shoppers; a doctor’s office may want to gear their mobile experience toward providing critical contact information front-and-center for patients on the go. If the graphic design and branding of your website speaks to your business’ unique culture, the user experience certainly speaks to your reliability.

If your website is about YOU, it is impossible to engage your customer/client. Your website should be about THEM – after all, customers are the reason you stay in business! Make sure you know who they really are and what they really want, and think of your site as speaking WITH them, not TO them.


Percent of Search via Mobile by Country

mobile search stats by country

What percent of search in your country is via mobile?

Google’s Matt Cutts said that he wouldn’t be surprised if mobile search exceeded desktop search in the USA this year.

Ever wondered what percent of search worldwide is done via mobile or what percent of search in Aruba is done via mobile phone, tablet, and personal computer?  Who hasn’t?

Check out this cool tool that will give you the percentage of search done by mobile worldwide and by every country.

Very cool.


Source: StatCounter Global Stats – Platform Comparison Market Share


Digital or TV? A Look at Ad Spending

Believe it or not, TV remains the most popular advertising channel to date.  Over 38 percent of all ad spending is TV-based while close to 28 percent of ad spending will be digital in 2014.

Still, digital ad spending is expected gradually increase in the years to come before slightly outpacing TV by 2018.  What is behind these trends?  To make it plain and simple, advertisers see digital and TV marketing as complementary.

While television offers advertisers with wider outreach among audiences, digital offers a more personalized and multi-platform approach to reaching consumers.

Marketing Projections - TV/Digital

Mobile advertising in particular was noted as the go-to digital advertising platform.  Mobile ad spending will be close to 10 percent this year but eventually rise to one-quarter of all digital ad spending by 2018.

So if you’re still wondering which platforms will work when attracting consumers, the answer is simple: Digital and TV.


Restaurant Mobile Marketing Success Stories in Pennsylvania

If you are a restaurant looking to attract more customers, a great way to do so is with mobile marketing.  Just listen to what some of our Philadelphia area customers are saying about ATS Mobile and its Restaurants To Go suite of mobile marketing solutions.



Restaurant Mobile Marketing in Maryland and Delaware

Ocean City Hotel Motel Restaurant Association Trade Show

**1 of 3 exhibit hall floors at OC Expo 14**

ATS Mobile was an exhibitor at the Ocean City, Maryland Restaurant Hotel Motel Association event at the Ocean City Convention Center on March 9 – 10.  ATS met with many local and regional restaurants at the event to talk about the importance of having a mobile website, but most importantly about the success that it has had with text message marketing for restaurants.

ATS Mobile Restaurants To Go mobile marketing solution

**Brad Bierman and Margie Varallo**

ATS’s Michael Candelori, Brad Bierman, Margie Varallo, and Bob Bentz were present at the event.  The group showed its new video testimonial of satisfied restaurant customers and also a video of its work it has done for some restaurants.

mobile advertising for restaurants

**Restaurants To Go mobile presentation**

ATS veteran Brad Bierman, assisted by ATS president Bob Bentz, gave a strong presentation about how mobile marketing can help restaurants sell more.  Brad discussed how text message marketing is the easiest and most productive in terms of ROI for restaurants.  The crowd was very interested in what Brad had to say about mobile-targeted advertising.


Mobile Ads Attract New Car Buyers

Mobile ads are changing how dealers market cars to new automobile buyers.  Thirty-four percent of digital ads – whether mobile, tablet, or video – lead the following groups to research cars: car buyers who are new to a brand, are young and less affluent, and who want to take out long-term loans.  FordDirect and Research Now reported last year that:

  • 63 percent of car buyers use their smartphone on the lot.
  • 81 percent utilize their smartphone to research.

digital ads for automobiles stats

Geo-targeted ads are particularly beneficial for local auto dealership to use when attracting potential customers.  Through geo-targeting, a dealer can target buyers within their geographic location.  Don’t be stuck trying to figure out how to drive car sales at your dealership any longer.  Contact us at ATS Mobile to find out how we can help you grow your business starting today.


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