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Mobile Messaging Mania

Text message marketing was due for some good news, especially after a year that saw new TCPA legislation enter the SMS world, and an industry that may have peeked from messaging competition from apps like the popular What’s App.

A recent study shows, however, that more than twice as many small businesses will utilize mobile messaging in 2014 than in the previous year.  Now, mobile messaging makes up more tactics than just SMS marketing, but the study gives great hope to mobile and specifically to text message marketing.

mobile messaging 2014

MESSAGING GOES MAD: Twice as many small business will market via mobile messaging in 2014.


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ATS Mobile at OCHMRA

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How Mobile Advertising Can Work for You During a Snowstorm

One of the best things about mobile advertising is that you can quickly change the creative and the offering based on topical things like the weather.  In this video, ATS Mobile’s Scott Bronenberg braves the frigid weather to discuss why geo-targeted mobile ad buys might just make your local business wish that another storm would come soon.


2013: The Year of Mobile Web Searches

With more people both purchasing and using a mobile device, it only makes sense that the rate of mobile searches done by consumers will surely increase.  According the RKG’s quarterly digital marketing report:

  • Over one-quarter (29 percent) of all web searches done in Q4 of 2013 were through mobile.  This is an increase from 20 percent during 2012.
  • 32 percent of organic searches on Google were done on a mobile device in Q4 of 2013; this is an increase from 30 percent in Q3 of 2013.
  • 30 percent of organic searches on Yahoo were mobile, which is a very slight drop from the number of searches conducted via mobile on this website in Q3.
RKG Mobile Organic Seaches

As a growing number of consumers conduct web searches via a mobile device, responsive web design will be crucial to keep them engaged with the mobile website of your business.

Advertisers have begun to tailor their ads to this increasingly mobile audience.
According to

  • 32 percent of paid search traffic were generated on smartphones and tablets.
  • 35 percent  of Google’s paid click ads were mobile.
  • Attempts to monetize mobile traffic and paid listings for Q4 actually slowed down the rate of mobile organic search visits last year.

It is essential for businesses to create responsive websites for mobile devices because consumers form a faster impression of a business through this channel than desktop pages.  Six 0ut of 10 consumers say that they will leave a website that’s not mobile friendly, while 3 out of 4 people will return to a site optimized for mobile.

Visit us at to learn more about how we can help you integrate responsive web design into the marketing strategy of your business.  ATS Mobile is a full-service mobile marketing agency that will work with your business to drive more consumer engagement with your goods and services.


How to Improve Your Text Message Marketing

It’s a new year and many businesses are reflecting on 2013 and looking to make resolutions on how to make more money in 2014.

One way that many businesses and organizations can do better is to embrace mobile.  Sound too complicated or too involved?  Or, you have a small business that doesn’t have much of a marketing budget?

Text message marketing may be the answer.

Text message marketing is the workhorse of any mobile marketing strategy.  If done right, it provides the best ROI of any aspect of mobile marketing and you can get started at (USA) or (Canada) for as little as $25 per month!

In this video, ATS Mobile’s Bob Bentz gives ten of his top text message marketing tips to help make your text message campaign a success.

Want to get more great tips from Bob?  Check out dozens more here.



ATS Goes Musical

The holidays may be over, but who says we can’t celebrate a successful year?

ATS Mobile employees hosted a Holiday Party at its King of Prussia office on Monday.  Good spirits were high with the a nice array of food and gifts, but the true highlight of the evening was a drum performance by VP of Engineering Manager Frank Butler.

Frank did such an excellent job on a $10 drum set that we just had to share it with you!

Log onto to our website to get more information on how we can help you make engaging video content to market your business.



Online Presence and Exercising Seen as Keys to Small Business Success

Almost 2,000 Small Business marketers shared their marketing priorities for this year in a eFax and eVoice report by j2 Global’s Campaigner.

Over a quarter (28 percent) say that they plan to increase the online presence of their small business.

Social media apps will also be a popular marketing tool among small business marketers in 2014.  Over 70 percent plan to use Facebook to reach potential consumers, while Twitter and Youtube were rated as the second and third most popular mobile apps for marketing.

SMB Social Media

Small businesses prefer Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to reach potential consumers.

Meanwhile, almost half (43%) say that the key to the success of their small business will be exercising.  Openness to new ideas was another popular resolution.  Openness to mobile marketing will definitely work in the favor of local, small businesses as more consumers use their mobile device to shop at local stores.

Visit to learn more about how to integrate mobile into the marketing strategy of your small business.




B-to-B Marketers to Increase Digital Media Content Creation

New stats from an Ad Age survey show that business-to-business marketers want to make a big shift in how they advertise to consumers.

While only 21 percent of B-to-B marketers shared that mobile would be important to their business last year, 47 percent said mobile will be a top priority this year.  Almost the same percentage said they currently offer mobile apps to consumers as part of their mobile strategy.

Content marketing through both mobile devices and social media will also be used more often by marketers in 2014.   While web-based content was and still be the most commonly used marketing channel, print-based marketing will decline by 10 percent.

Overall, over 61 percent of B-to-B marketers cite that digital spending will make up over one-quarter of their business’ marketing budget.  Like mobile, online spending on video, banner ads, and webcasts/webinars will also be increased throughout the year.

Ad Age survey - B to B

Mobile and other form of digital content will be the main focus of B-to-B marketers’ advertising strategies this year.

Visit to learn more about how to integrate mobile into your business’ digital marketing strategy.



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