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Business Leaders Plan to Increase Mobile Marketing Spending in 2014

Now that 2013 is coming to a close, a recent survey from StrongView reveals the marketing spending plans of 387 North American business leaders for the new year.

Most business leaders shared that digital media marketing for their company will be increased in the upcoming year.  Over 52 percent want to increase the amount of money spent on e-mail marketing campaigns.  They also plan to spend more money promoting their brand through Social media (46 percent), SEO (41 percent), and online display ads (31 percent) in 2014.

In fact, 32 percent of business leaders want to expand their marketing efforts through mobile devices.  Mobile ad spending has recently been predicted to outpace the amount of money spent on radio and magazine ads by 2016.  This trend is already evident in the StrongView survey, for more business leaders plan to cut rather than expand ad spending in radio/TV, print, and direct mail.

Business marketing spending plans 2014

While business leaders want to either sustain or expand their marketing spending plans, many plan to use new media channels over traditional media channels for promoting their brand.

Clearly, many business leaders see mobile marketing as a critical marketing tool in this increasingly digital age.  To get more information about how to integrate mobile into the marketing strategy of your business, visit


SMS text interaction helps collegiate enrollment directors engage with students

In our ongoing discussions with higher education administrators in admissions departments around the country, the same message reverberates from staff members at schools of all sizes; the challenge is greater than ever to successfully attract, recruit, and retain students on their respective campuses.

Whether it’s the ongoing turbulent economic landscape, continuing demographic shifts, or the greater use of technology to provide online alternatives to individuals seeking college degrees, it’s a consistent challenge facing those responsible for enrollment management at schools nationally. 

If there is one common denominator for (virtually) every individual on campus, or for the future students that these educational professionals are eying to become the newest members of the next freshman class, it’s a mobile phone. 

Ever see a student without one?

There’s not a better way to disseminate a specific marketing message than directly to the desired recipient, no matter where they are. 

Utilizing options for text messaging or downloading apps on a smartphone provided an easy entree for ats Mobile to build out a SMS text-based engine that disseminates questions and answers to build towards a cumulative point total, while allowing its client universities to engage their brand with a host of targeted groups including prospective and current students, and alumni.

The SMS text game titled U-Mobile combines the options for learning, information gathering, and quizzing, wrapped up into the fun of playing an interactive mobile scavenger hunt with a prize, such as a steep discount at the bookstore, attached as an incentive. 

Compete, have fun, win, and connect.  It all adds up to a unique way to brand your school, help achieve your department goals, and it’s wrapped around a mobile game.

Entrants to any U-Mobile event are listed in the real time program dashboard allowing schools to simply log in to know who is interacting and by date/time, and by securing opt-in permission from a consumer can simultaneously send broadcast text messages to all members of a specific list from the same dashboard.

U-Mobile, another mobile tool available to higher education administrators to assist in enrollment management. 


Unique QR Code and Text Message Promotion

QR Codes and text marketing

When using a QR Code, always add a text message option for feature phones and those who don’t scan QR Codes.

Most people hang Christmas lights at their homes, but not if you are the president of a mobile marketing agency like ATS Mobile.  Scan this QR Code or join the text message marketing promotion when you’re in the neighborhood for a special Christmas wish.



New Marketing Assistant at ATS

Janel Forsythe has joined ATS as a Marketing Assistant.  She is responsible for producing content for the company’s website and blog, maintaining its social media sites, and improving SEO results on Google Analytics.

Janel is originally from Norristown, but she attended Ursinus College in Collegeville, PA where she majored in Sociology and Media/Communications Studies.  Janel was a Communications Intern at the North Penn United Way this past summer, and she has tutored students and consulted professors at Ursinus College.  Her extracurricular activities in college included: Voices in Praise Gospel Choir, America Reads, SUN, and The Grizzly student newspaper.  Janel looks forward to working at ATS Mobile where she can learn new skills in the mobile marketing field from her colleagues.

Follow Janel on Twitter and connect with her on Google+.


ATS Mobile is Hiring – Sales – USA & Canada

Looking for a career in the exciting world of mobile marketing?

ATS Mobile has two openings in its sales department.

  • Mobile Marketing Manager — Based in its suburban Philadelphia headquarters.  Experienced candidates from other parts of the country will be considered.
  • Regional Sales Manager — A great opportunity to build a business from being an account manager into being a manager of a satellite office.  Toronto area preferred, although all candidates considered.

For more details about the available positions, please click here.


sales jobs in mobile marketing

Sales Jobs available in Toronto and Philly.


Meal Time Goes Mobile — Restaurant Mobile Marketing

A Mobile Marketing Educational Webinar by Brad Bierman

ATS Mobile’s Brad Bierman presents “Restaurants To Go:  Meal Time Goes Mobile.” 

As part of ATS’s continuing mobile marketing webinar series, Brad Bierman presents “Mealtime Goes Mobile.”  Bierman discusses various mobile marketing tactics that will help your restaurant sell more via mobile.  The speaker discusses text message marketing, responsive design mobile websites, apps development, custom QR Codes, and geo-targeted mobile advertising buys for restaurants.



Tips on How to Expand Your Business

Philadelphia area CEO’s give thoughts on how to expand your business.

ATS Mobile’s Bob Bentz was quoted in the December 2013 issue of Smart CEO magazine — Philadelphia edition.  You can find Bob’s comments on Page 14 of Smart CEO.

Bob talks about ATS’s international expansion and specifically about his initial efforts in selling in London, England.  Over the years, ATS has expanded its business overseas to Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Taiwan.

You can click through the link to see the story or just view the page below


Bob Bentz Smart CEO magazine

Full Page spread of Smart CEO.


international expansion for small businesses

Bob Bentz of ATS gives tips on international expansion.


Bob Bentz - mobile marketing international

ATS Mobile president Bob Bentz.




Targeted Mobile Advertising – Radio Interview with ATS’s Scott Bronenberg

ATS Mobile’s Scott Bronenberg was a guest on Houston-based KTEK radio last week.

Bronenberg discussed geo-targeting for retail stores.  Geo-targeting enables stores to target just those consumers within its normal trading area.  Bronenberg discusses some mobile advertising case studies for customers such as CitiTrends and Holland Trucking and many other companies.

Special thanks to Kevin Price of The Price of Business on KTEK and to Sam Coyl of Netrepid for inviting Scott to appear on the radio show.

You can follow Scott Bronenberg on Google Plus here.

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