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Using Mobile Video & Rich Media To Promote Your Business

How will you use mobile video & rich media to promote your business?

Let Mobile Account Manager Jim Marnie show you how, in an encore presentation of his hit webinar “Using Mobile Video & Rich Media to Promote Your Business.” If you missed out the first time, this is your chance for redemption.

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Mobile Marketing: Your Message on the Move

Learn more about mobile marketing by taking a look at one of our presentations.  This presentation was done for a major media group in Philadelphia by ATS’s Bob Bentz and Scott Bronenberg.



Mobile Bar Code Scanning by Age Group

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In the past two years, it appears as though many more middle age and older Americans have got involved in scanning QR Codes and other bar codes.  The study was done by ScanLife and you can see results of an earlier such study here on a previous post.

QR Code scanning by age group

QR Code scan percentage by age group.


High Income Households Most Likely Tablet Owners

Thirty-five percent of Americans now own a tablet, according to a recent study by Pew Internet.  Those that are more likely to own a tablet include Asian-Americans, adults 30-49, and high income Americans.

Our previous study that we posted here at the ATS Blog shows that 34% of Americans owned a tablet.  This study was also done by Pew in May, 2013.

tablet ownership stats 2013

Just who owns tablets?


Mobile Ads Account For 16% Of Advertising

Mobile Is The New Black

So far in 2013, mobile revenues totaled 16% of total advertising revenues, up 149% from 2Q12, making mobile your best bet for growth during the remainder of the year. Revenue from mobile ads and searches more than doubled in the first half of 2013, reaching $3 billion, as advertisers began seeing value in offering ads over tablets and smartphones.

Why Mobile Advertising

According to Google, 90% of people move between devices to accomplish a goal, which means that reaching customers on the go is more important then ever!

The Facts

  • Google alone will capture nearly half of the U.S. mobile ad market in 2013.
  • Facebook is expected to capture about 15%.
  • Facebook reported in the second quarter that mobile ads accounted for 41% of its ad revenues, another sign of the surge in interest in mobile advertising.

What Are You Waiting For?

Click HERE to learn more about mobile advertising opportunities.

About The Author | Emmett Hughes is the Marketing Director for ATS Mobile. Find Emmett on Google and say hello!


Razny Ring Race is a Mobile Success

The Razny Ring Race in Chicago used ATS Mobile’s Treasure Text technology to run its Ring Race.  Watch the video for more information about how your jewelry store, auto dealer, or university can benefit from an exciting mobile promotion like this.



You can also check out Razny’s Facebook page for more pictures of the Razny Ring Race!

mobile scavenger hunt technology

atsMobile and Treasure Text is proud to be a part of this great promotion by Razny Jewelers.

The Razny Ring Race was organized and promoted by Dasher Mobile.

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