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Agencies to Spend 65% More on Mobile in 2014

Ever wonder why we are so excited to be in the mobile marketing business?  Take a look at this chart and you’ll see why.

For years now, mobile marketing agencies like ATS Mobile have mentioned that the amount of advertising spent on mobile is not adding up to the time spent with mobile.  That appears to be all changing.

mobile spending stats 2014

Mobile’s gain is newspaper’s drain.


Text Messaging Remains Most Popular Cell Phone Service Use

Mobile Internet Access is Second Most Popular

It should come as no surprise that the younger that you are, the more that you use various mobile services such as downloading apps, going online via mobile, and text messaging.  This chart from Mashable and Pew shows  you just how much the generational divide is.

text message use by age

The biggest growth area for mobile services use is in the 45-54 age group.


We Don’t Just Create Clicks, We Create Calls

One of the most powerful opportunities with mobile is that the mobile user is much closer to the buying process than a desktop user is.  Along the path to purchase, a convenient Click to Call button on an app or mobile website makes it easy for the mobile user to simply touch the phone and generate a lead for your company.

Willingness to Use Click to Call

Across various verticals, consumers have differing reasons for using a click to call.  The most common reason is to check on the business hours and the second most common reason is to schedule an appointment or make a dinner reservation.

click to call reasons


ATS’s Frank Butler is Quite a Drummer

At ATS, we have talents outside of mobile marketing, IVR, and online dating.  Take a look at the talent of VP-Engineering’s Frank Butler. Frank was clearly “Born to Run.”


Why ATS?

How to Choose a Mobile Marketing AgencyATS_LOGO_blacktext_sm

It’s an important question.  Why should I work with you?  What’s your “special sauce” that makes you different from the others?

We’ve Been Doing Interactive Telephone Before You Had a Mobile Phone

Since 1989, ATS Mobile, formerly known as Advanced Telecom Services, has been supplying interactive telephone solutions for our brands, advertisers, advertising agency, and media partners.  Over those four decades of development, we’ve continued to service the same partners; only the medium in which we’ve reached them has changed from the land line phone, to the internet, and now to the mobile phone.

We Believe Creative Needs to Generate Results, Not Just Look Good

We’ve won our share of awards over the years and I have to admit, we do like trophies.  You’ll see them first thing when you walk into our office.  But, it’s not winning awards that motivates us; it’s your success that motivates us.  We won’t just generate clicks, we’ll generate business.

Our People are our Greatest Resource

We’ve compiled some of the best professionals in the business to service your mobile marketing needs.  We’re not really telecom guys; we’re media people.  We know mobile, but we have additional expertise in advertising and promotions.  You can develop the best mobile products in the world, but if nobody knows about it, there of no value to you.


63% Go Online Via Mobile

Almost 2/3 of Americans now go online via their mobile devices.  Certainly, the increase in smartphone use has helped spur these results.  The most common reason to go online via mobile is to access emails.  It brings up a valid point of whether your site is mobile optimized.

Go online via mobile


Why QR Codes Are Like Training Your Dog

The other day, I heard a dog owner say:

QR Code Fail Philadelphia Cream Cheese

I think that’s a QR Code there. Let me get my microscope.

“The dog doesn’t listen.”

No kidding.  Dogs don’t speak English.  They aren’t conditioned to simply obey your orders unless you first train them to do so.  So, if you haven’t spent the time working with the dog, then it’s no surprise that it isn’t house trained, still chews your shoes, and doesn’t come when called.

Nobody Scans QR Codes

This is another common critique that I hear in the world of mobile marketing.

“Nobody scans QR Codes.”

Really?  Nobody?  Not one person?

Well, in the case of Philadelphia Cream Cheese, I suspect this outlandish statement may actually be true.  The QR code that Philadelphia put on my cream cheese was so tiny that I couldn’t scan it.  I tried with four different scanners and no luck at all.  Made me temporarily ashamed to be from Philadelphia actually.

If QR Codes don’t work, it’s not because NOBODY scans them, it’s because you’ve done something as silly as Philadelphia Cream Cheese did and made the thing so darn small that there’s no way that you could ever scan it.  Even an accomplished QR Code scanner like me couldn’t conquer the small size of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese code.

If you are doing a QR Code, make sure you know what you are doing first.  Consult us if you need to.  We know how to maximize the production of this mobile marketing tool.  There are creative ways to use QR Codes that will make the consumer want to scan them.

QR Codes, especially Custom QR Codes, can provide a source of incremental access to your content.  They will never get more scans that you are able to get via text message entries.  But, they will provide you with incremental participation that will enhance what you are already doing with your text message marketing or other mobile marketing methods.

That is, unless you are Philadelphia.


Tablet Ownership Hits 34%

Over a third of Americans now own a tablet, according to a recent study by Pew.  Just a year ago, that total was just 18%.  Of those who earn $75k or more per year, 56% owned a tablet.  College grads had a 49% ownership rate.

Tablet ownership in USA 2010-13

Tablet ownership is helping to spur the mobile revolution.

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