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US Ranks 13th in Smartphone Ownership, Canada 14th

When it comes to smartphones, you want to have been selling them in the United Arab Emerates, not the United States or Canada, according to recent statistics released by Google.

Previous studies have looked at iPhone ownership demographics and the overall demographics of smartphone ownership in the USA.

Scandinavian countries continue to be popular for smartphone ownership as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark have always been mobile pacesetters.  The United Kingdom, where ATS also maintains an office, comes in at 62%, good enough for 9th place.

smartphone ownership percentages by country

The USA ranks 13th in overall smartphone ownership.

Graph reprinted from Statista Chart of the Day.



Who is Still Using a Feature Phone?

Just who is using feature phones?  Not surprisingly, the older you are, the more likely that you are still using your flip phone.  And, the younger and wealthier that you are, the more likely you will be using a smartphone or iPhone.

dumb phone use 2013

Young adults wouldn’t be caught dead with a dumb phone.


Mobile Advertising to Generate $8.5 Billion in 2013

And Grow to $13.1 Billion in 2014

Mobile advertising spend will hit $8 billion this year in the United States and by 2017, mobile will eclipse online advertising, according to eMarketer.  Mobile ad revenues nearly doubled from 2012 to 2013.


mobile advertising share

Mobile will continue to take a bigger bite out of the advertising market.


Last year, search revenues ($17.3 billion) outpaced display revenues ($14.8 billion), according to the report from eMarketer.  By 2015, display will overtake search as the largest online advertising format. By 2017, advertisers will spend a forecast $30 billion on display ads compared to $25.6 billion on search.  SMS advertising seems to be leveling out, although this may be, in part, due to lower costs for text message marketing today.


How much was spent on SMS advertising in 2013?

Search and Display advertising via mobile continue to grow.



3 Great Mobile Promotions Using Geo-Targeting

One of the tremendous advantage of mobile ad buys is the ability to geo-target your ad.  No other medium has this precise ability to geo-target advertising like mobile advertising does.

Consider just a few of the promotions that ATS Mobile has done for its customers in being able to precisely target a mobile ad  buy using geo-targeting and geo-fencing.

  • A trucking company interested in attracting new drivers was able to geo-fence its mobile ad buy directly at the places where truckers frequent most — truck stops.  We found a list of truck stops in Illinois and Wisconsin and only served ads to consumers stopping there.
  • A yogurt shop identified its best customers as high school and college students.  So, we were able to draw a geo-fence around the local school campuses within a 3 mile radius of the stores.
  • A mall in Canada did a great promotion where we pinpointed a small 4 foot by 4 foot part of the mall floor.  If you walked into this square with your mall app on, you won free lunch at the food court!  What a great way to promote downloading the app for the mall!


geo-targeting mobile ad buys

90% of advertisers now use geo-targeting for mobile ad buys.


Actions Taken After Mobile Ad Click

Mobile advertising is quite different than the desktop advertising that you have known in the past and the great thing about mobile advertising is that it is highly actionable.

Here’s what consumers are doing post-clicking on a mobile advertisement.

Mobile Ad Buys lead to what actions

The resulting consumer action of your mobile advertising.


Hung Up on Live Operators?

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Think an IVR Solution Instead

Almost every day at work, I get reminded of just how impatient people can be.  In our modern world, consumers want immediate response and service.  If they are on hold for a minute, they’ll think it’s 5 minutes.

That’s where an IVR system can pay off for your company.  You likely don’t have enough live operators to serve your customers, especially if you are doing broadcast promotions where consumers will call in immediately after the announcement.

It may not be sexy any more, but IVR is still a great way to maximize leads from your promotional dollars.

Lost Leads from Wait Times

IMPATIENT CONSUMERS: IVR solutions can decrease those leads lost by slow response time.


Kate Upton Thinks About QR Codes

Gotta’ love this use of QR Codes by Gillette in its advertising.  I found this series in Men’s Fitness magazine while on a trip to Cleveland last week.  Now do you have a better idea as to why more men scan QR Codes?

Kate Upton, qr codes

What is Kate Upton thinking in her swimsuit? Scan the QR Code to find out.


Small Businesses Are Gravitating Towards Mobile

According to a recent BIA/Kelsey survey, small businesses are primarily using social and mobile in their advertising efforts. 72% of the 568 businesses that were surveyed reported using social media to engage with customers. Half of these businesses use Facebook as their primary social media account.

In addition, small businesses are beginning to make mobile a priority. In 2013, 32% of the small businesses reported using some type of mobile advertising, a 14% increase from last year. In addition to mobile ads, 40% of small businesses now accept mobile payments, and another 16% plan on adding this payment method in the next year.

mobile social small businesses

More small businesses use mobile than a Google+ local page.

For more information on how to incorporate mobile into your marketing strategy, visit atsMobile.

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