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Digital Ad Spend for Mobile and Social to Increase

According to a March 2013 survey performed by the Association of National Advertisers, a majority of the 20 major US brands stated that they were increasing their investments in both mobile and social.

  • 65% of brands said they were increasing mobile spend
  • 55% of brands said they were increasing social spend

change in mobile and social ad spend


Mobile Websites vs. Mobile Apps: Which Is Better For Your Business?

One of the biggest debates in the world of mobile marketing revolves around the choice between mobile websites and mobile apps for businesses.  Ideally, all companies would take an integrated approach and have both a mobile website and a app vs. sitemobile app. Unfortunately, this approach is not always possible, especially for small business, because of factors such as budget.

For the companies who must make the difficult decision between mobile apps and mobile sites, it is important to take into consideration the benefits that mobile websites and mobile apps, individually, hold for a business.

Here is list of the advantages of both mobile websites and mobile apps that will hopefully aid you in developing the best mobile strategy for your company.

Mobile Websites: Advantages

  • No Download Required
    • Mobile sites can be accessed via a browser immediately. No download or installation is required for users to access content.
  • Simpler Design
    • Mobile websites are designed with simplicity in mind so that it is easy for users to navigate and find information on the mobile site.
  • Cheaper to Develop
    • Mobile website creation is 85% less expensive than mobile app development.
  • Quicker to Market
    • Not only are mobile websites more cost-effective, they are also more time-effective. It takes considerably less time to develop and market a mobile site than it does a mobile application.
  • Easier to Update
    • The content and design of mobile sites can be updated immediately. There is no need to push for updates like there is in mobile apps.
  • Compatibility
    • The same mobile site can reach all mobile users, regardless of what type of device they are using. All iPhone, Android and other smartphone users access a single mobile site.
  • Reach a Larger Audience
    • Mobile websites allow businesses to reach essentially 100% of their audience. Mobile sites are available to anyone who has Internet access via their mobile devices.
  • Search Results
    • Mobile users can easily find a company’s mobile site via search engine results.
  • Google Analytics for Mobile
    • Businesses are able to track who is visiting their mobile sites via Google Analytics for Mobile and other mobile analytics programs.
  • Opportunities for a Viral Audience
    • It is easy for users to share mobile sites with friends via a link and through social media such as Facebook and Twitter posts

Mobile Apps: Advantages

  • Ease of Use
    • It is very easy for users to navigate through and interact with mobile applications.
  • Usable Offline
    • Users do not have to be connected to a network or wireless connection to use mobile applications.
  • Customizable
    • Once users download a mobile app, they are able to personalize the app based on their preferences and general use of the app.
  • Easier to access data about users
    • Marketers are able to access a wide variety of data about mobile users such as demographics, psychographics and geo-location through mobile apps.
  • Apps can be integrated with smartphone features
    • Mobile apps can be integrated with smartphone features such as the camera, microphone, geo-location and phonebook.
  • Power of the Apple Store
    • Apps are sold through the vast Apple Store.
  • Speed
    • Mobile apps run faster than mobile websites.
  • “Cool” Factor
    • Mobile apps are one of the most recent innovations in mobile technology. Mobile apps also tend to have “cooler” visuals because mobile apps allow for more innovative graphics and effects.
  • Allows you to reach a more affluent audience
    • Mobile apps are generally used by a more affluent audience. According to a study performed by the Shullman Research Center, mobile apps are used by 90 percent of U.S. consumers with a household income of $250,000 or more.
  • Complex Calculations 
    • Apps allow you to take data from a user and manipulate it using complex calculations at a quick speed.

When making this decision, it is also important to consider the vertical or industry that your business is competing in. For companies within specific industries, mobile apps often hold an obvious advantage over mobile sites, and vice versa. For example, radio stations would do much better with a mobile app compared to a mobile website because it is much easier and quicker to stream music on an app. On the other hand, restaurants would probably prefer to use a mobile site because it would be much easier for them to update their daily specials and make any menu changes on a site.

For more information on developing your comprehensive mobile marketing strategy, visit ATS Mobile.

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New ATS Summer Intern

Scott Meltzer is working with us here at ATS as an Intern for the summer.scott intern bio

In his role as a Technical Assistant, Scott will be contributing to web design, customer support, and blog administration.

Scott is currently on summer break from Allegheny College where he is studying Economics and Computer Science. Scott has previously worked as an Accounts Payable Clerk and an associate at the Broadband Ventures group in Radnor, PA.  In the Fall, he will be returning to his studies and continue his role as Treasurer of Phi Delta Theta.

Scott enjoys golf, skiing, reading and politics. Follow Scott on Twitter and connect with him on Google+.


New ATS Summer Intern

Caitlyn Foster is working as an intern at ATS for the summer months. As a Marketing Assistant, Caitlyn is responsible for managing the social media accounts for the company, improving SEO results through Google Analytics and creating content for the company website and blog.Caitlyn Foster

Caitlyn is a rising senior at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York. She is studying advertising and public relations at the School of Communications and the Arts. Caitlyn has previously worked at Stream Companies in Malvern, PA as an account management intern. At Marist, Caitlyn is a member of the Honors College and Dean’s Circle. She works at Marist’s Office of College Activities as a Shift Manager. She is also a member of the PRSSA and Sigma Sigma Sigma National sorority.
Caitlyn loves to travel and spent her Fall 2013 semester studying in Florence, Italy. In her free time, Caitlyn enjoys reading, running and going to the beach. Follow Caitlyn on Twitter and connect with her on Google +.




Mercedes Develops QR Code to Aid in Car Accident Rescues

Starting in September, Mercedes will be placing high-tech QR codes in all of their vehicles to help aid paramedics and firefighters in rescuing accident victims from their vehicles. Many auto-makers supply their vehicles with a car rescue sheet that includes printed instructions on how to best pry the car apart and to rescue any trapped passengers. Most car owners do not carry these hard-copy instructions in their cars, and even if the sheet is stored in the vehicle, it is often difficult for the rescue workers to locate among all the damage. Mercedes hopes that this QR code will eliminate any delay in the accident rescue process. The QR codes will be placed on the fuel tank flaps and on the other side of the car between the front and rear passenger doors for easy access. Rescue workers will simply have to scan the QR code with their smartphones to obtain these detailed rescue plans.

QR codes will be placed on the fuel tank flaps of all Mercedes vehicles.

QR codes will be placed on the fuel tank flaps of all Mercedes vehicles.

QR codes can be used in a variety of ways to help make life easier for both consumers and businesses. For more information on how QR codes can help your business, visit Advanced Telecom Services.


How Many Internet Searches are Made Per Year?

Want to know how many internet searches are made per year in the USA?  Here’s the answer.

internet total searches

Annual searches made in the USA


Dairy Queen Partners with Orange Julius in Location-Targeted Mobile Campaign

In order to promote in-store traffic during the summer months, Dairy Queen launched a location-targeted mobile campaign to drive customers into their stores to try an Orange Julius smoothie.

Orange Julius and Dairy Queen are running mobile banner ads on the Fandango mobile site, promoting the fact that the Orange Julius stores are located within the larger Dairy Queen locations. The banners invite users to tap the ad to find out the nearest Dairy Queen/Orange Julius store to their current location.  After giving their permission for their geographic location to be used, the users are sent to a branded map that contains a banner advertisement locked into the top of the screen. The purpose of the branded map is to keep the user’s focus on Dairy Queen and Orange Julius as they use the map. In addition, the map provides the phone number and address for the different store locations on the map.


Dairy Queen mobile banner

Dairy Queen and Orange Julius’s location-targeted mobile banner ad


dairy queen branded map

Dairy Queen and Orange Julius’s branded map

While this mobile campaign is actually quite simple, the campaign is very effective in achieving its objective of increasing foot traffic to the Dairy Queen store.  One of the main reasons that people use their mobile devices is to help them to find nearby retail establishments or restaurants that will satisfy a need while the consumer is on-the- go. If a consumer is out and about and sees the banner ad on his/her mobile device, the consumer is likely to tap on the ad to find the nearest Dairy Queen/ Orange Julius to satisfy his/her craving for a delicious ice cream treat or fruit smoothie.

For more information on mobile advertising, visit ATS Mobile.


Cinnabon Utilizes QR Codes in Breast Cancer Fundraiser

On Friday, May 17, Cinnabon, a nationwide bakery with over 800 locations, launched a mobile-based campaign entitled “Sweet Support.” The campaign uses the company’s mobile website and specialized QR codes to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research.  When in the bakery, customers are encouraged to donate using their smartphones by visiting the mobile URL,, or by scanning one of the QR codes featured throughout the stores. Cinnabon is planning on matching the first $10,000 in donations.

cinnabon qr code

Cinnabon’s QR codes that customers can scan to donate.

Cinnabon mobile site

Customers can also visit Cinnabon’s mobile website to donate.

Kristen Hartman, the Vice-President of Marketing for Cinnabon, attributed the mobile marketing-focused campaign on the easy-accessibility and user-friendly aspects of the QR code and the mobile site for customers. She stated, “Consumers are increasingly accessing more and more information through their mobile phones. Knowing that our Cinnabon guests are often toting their phones and our delicious treats around the mall, we sought a donation process that was easy and user friendly.”

Cinnabon’s use of a custom QR code, instead of a traditional black and white QR code, was a smart move for the company. Custom QR codes have a 2.3x greater response rate than the ordinary black and white QR codes. In addition to a higher scan rate, the custom QR codes catch the attention of customers and provide another platform for Cinnabon to further brand the company. Overall, utilizing custom QR codes was a win-win for Cinnabon.

QR codes are a powerful tool for inviting customers to interact with your brand. There is great potential in the future of the QR code system. Currently, only 40% of the QR code is being used in scans, which allows for future expansion in the QR code system. For more information on custom QR codes and how to create a custom QR code for your brand, visit Advanced Telecom Services.

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