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Scan a QR Code, Drink Bud, Make Friends

For years, Budweiser has been making friends.  Now, however, it is helping to make Facebook friends.  Check it out to see how scanning a QR Code can help you make Facebook friends, compliments of Budweiser.



QR Code Scans by Age Group

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I must admit, I’m a little skeptical when I see statistics that are created by companies that are in the business rather than independent research companies.  That being said, here’s Scan Life’s analysis of QR Code scanners that shows that older people are getting involved in QR Code scanning.

Americans also tend to scan QR Codes at a greater rate than Europeans do, according to this study.

QR Code scanning by age

QR Code scans by age group.


2/3 Interested in Geo-Location Mobile Coupons

Let Us Help You Get Started with Geo-Location Mobile Ad Buying

Imagine, you are at the Starbucks and get online.  As you are sipping your $9 latte, you visit or and see advertisements for a mobile coupon from the retail store that is…just across the street.

That’s what you can do with geo-location mobile advertising.  In a recent survey by Harris Interactive, 67% of those surveyed said that they would be interested in such services.  Only 29% had no interest.

With mobile ad buying by ATS Mobile, we can provide geo-fencing to your mobile ad buys.  That means you’ll only reach those consumers that are nearby.  How could that help your bottom line?

mobile geo location

Imagine being away from home and getting mobile coupon savings.


Text Message Marketing Stats, Tips and Advice

Couldn’t make it to our webinar today on text message marketing?  We’ve saved it here for you so that you can listen in on all of the good information provided by speaker Bob Bentz of ATS Mobile and



Click Through Rates by Device

According to a study by Marin Software, click through rates on mobile devices are greater than those of computers.

Note — ATS Mobile provides mobile seo solutions and mobile advertising buys for its agency customers.

click through rate search device

Smartphones lead the way in click throughs via search.


QR Codes in Denmark

Some people have stranger hobbies than I do.  One of my hobbies is taking pictures of QR Codes during my vacations.  On a recent trip to Europe, I did exactly that.

Here are a few of my pictures of QR Codes.

QR Code for Avis Car Rental

Why don’t people scan QR Codes? Could it be that its way behind the desk?


Business on the Go QR Code

Copenhagen Airport


QR Codes in Denmark

Denmark seemed to be a big user of QR Codes. Saw a lot of them there.


Copenhagen, Denmark QR Codes

QR Codes with advertising litereature


QR Code on Car Wrap


QR Code for a Ski Club

Even ski clubs are using QR Codes in Denmark.


A QR Code works well on a poster

A QR Code works well on a poster, especially when in an area like an airport where upscale mobile users likely have smartphones.


QR Codes to download apps

Carlsberg gives its fans a simple way to download its app via a QR Code on a poster during its factory tour.


Carlsberg brewery tour QR Code

Put your QR Codes everywhere, especially on literature.


Copenhagen's Zoo advertising

The zoo in Copenhagen uses QR Codes too.


Get restaurant information via QR Code

Restaurants QR Codes


QR Codes to get a LIKE

Gotta love a Facebook LIKE via QR Code scanning.


Twitter and Facebook QR Codes

A quick way to a Twitter Follow is a QR Code scan.


Tourism books with QR Codes

A QR Code on a tourist book helps keep the print piece up to date with the latest information.


Parking QR Code scan

In Denmark, one can pay for parking via a SMS text or via scanning a QR Code.


Copenhagen Airport advertising


Copenhagen Airport QR Code


Advertising via QR Code


Food Denmark Advertisement


We hope you’ve enjoyed the largest collection of QR Codes in Denmark.  See our other country QR Code articles like this one on QR Codes from St. Maarten.


Restaurants: What’s Your Mobile Strategy?

We’ve long known just how important it is for restaurants to have a mobile marketing strategy.  That’s why we have a specific suite of mobile marketing products geared exclusively to the restaurant industry.

Not convinced?  Take a look at some of the facts from this study.

restaurant mobile search stats


Smartphone Penetration Reaches 57%

The percentage of Americans with smartphones reached 57% in February, 2013.  It’s now been 40 years since the first cell phone call so Happy Birthday Mobile Phones.

smartphone ownership percent in USA

57% of Americans now own smartphones

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