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Cool Mobile Apps: Chok, Chok, Chok

You can do some pretty amazing things with apps and we’ve done some amazing things here at ATS Mobile.  Technologies like GPS and Near Field Communications offer some very interesting options and we are prepared to offer them to your business through our mobile marketing agency.

If you want to see something really cool, check out this mobile marketing promotion by Coca-Cola from Hong Kong.


64% of Advertisers Plan to Increase Investment in Mobile Advertising in 2013

A whopping 64% of advertisers are planning to increase their advertising spend in mobile in 2013, according to a new study by Advertiser Perceptions.  Newspapers fared the worst: only 10% of advertisers planned to increase their advertising investment in print while 35% expected to decrease it.

Mobile Advertising Spend 2013

More businesses plan to increase spending in mobile advertising than in any other category.

ATS provides mobile ad buying as part of its mobile marketing agency services.  Learn more about mobile advertising by visiting our site.


iPads Key to Starting Up Luxury Auto Sales

Think mobile marketing is all about pizzas and night clubs? Think again.

Autos are one of our biggest categories. In fact, the exclusive 2012 study by ATS Mobile interns showed that the automotive industry was the second largest user of our text message marketing solution at and That ranks autos just behind restaurants and ahead of night clubs!

This should come as no surprise as we’ve long known about affluent users and their love of iPads. Tablet ownership is more widespread among affluents than any other income group and those numbers continue to grow according to Ipsos MediaCT. In July 2012, 27% of affluents owned tablets.


VIDEO: Easy Mobile Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants To Go is a special vertical offering of ATS Mobile.  It is a suite of mobile marketing services designed exclusively for the restaurant industry.

To read more about why restaurants need mobile marketing, read Bob Bentz’s article here.  You can also visit our website page for restaurants.  You can also watch our webinar “Hungry for Profits” here.


QR Code Scan Rates by Country

This study from Nielsen shows that 24% of Americans with smartphones had scanned a QR code within the past 30 days. Smartphone users in South Korea and Turkey were most likely to be QR Code scanners at 38%.

Want to see the largest gallery of Custom QR Codes in the world? Check it out here.



The Importance of Social Media Interaction with Mobile Marketing Campaigns

It’s increasingly important to plan and execute a mobile strategy that includes the implementation of the use of applicable social media channels to promote, support, and supplement the mobile program. If nobody knows to use their device to respond to a company’s investment of its efforts into a campaign, the results will be unsuccessful.

Agencies and brands should strive to work with mobile partners that understand the integration of the appropriate social elements into mobile marketing, whether it’s as basic as text messages and customized QR codes to direct a user to a mobile website or app, or to a device-fitting website or customized app itself, social media creates the path.

To make sure your brand remains relevant, consistent and exposed, it’s important to highlight four areas to your desired recipient, your customer:

*Promote-The targeted audience that needs to know about the mobile campaign will know about it.

*Engage-The targeted audience wants to know what’s in it for them; it must be a compelling experience.

*Interact-Mobile and social media channels are direct two-way communication with your audience, make sure you’re talking and they’re responding.

*Satisfy-Once they take part in a campaign; make the target group feel good about the whole experience start-to-finish.

Not all campaigns are alike, so the use of which social media channels to use and how often are unique to the desired intention.

The most populated channels include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and YouTube, along with social/locale-based sites such as Yelp and FourSquare.

In addition, it’s critical that social media reaction to the mobile campaigns is monitored through a partner providing reputation management services, keeping a close eye on channels related to the business and/or industry of the brand for comments both positive and negative directed towards the client.

No mobile marketing/social media campaign is complete without leveraging the power of content. Information pertaining to customers is critical to sustaining the social media penetration. Updated content must be created and optimized to be found in online searches and to attract your audience.


The Need for Mobile SEO

Surprised to see that BING isn’t part of the Top 10 Mobile Sites as I thought many mobile phones defer to it for search. Any way, it supports the need for having great search engine ratings via mobile seo for your mobile website on Google.



QR Codes of St. Maarten

You know you are a QR Code geek when you go on vacation and take pictures of all of the QR Codes that you see on a Caribbean Island.  Well, last week, I had the pleasure of spending time in St. Maarten in the West Indies and I came home with quite a cool collection of QR Codes.  Take a look!

Beer QR Code and text message marketing program

You can scan the QR Code or Text KING to BEERS. Any good QR Code promotion should also include a text message program as well for those with feature phones or smartphone users that don’t scan QR Codes.


QR Code with two girls kissing in St. Maarten

Only I would look at this poster and see the QR Code and not the two girls making out!


QR Code for Heineken's regatta in St. Martin

The St. Maarten Heineken Regatta used two QR Codes on their posters.


Tourism QR Codes in St. Maarten

Want to charter a boat while in St. Maarten? Scan this Custom QR Code on the back of a truck!


QR Code for restaurants in St. Maarten

The Blue Martini knows the quickest way to its website is for tourists to scan its QR Code.


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