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Webinar: Mobile Marketing 2013

“Mobile Marketing 2013: Your Message on the Move” was the topic of our January 25, 2013 webinar.  The webinar featured four talented veterans in the mobile marketing business, including:

  • Bob Bentz
  • John Geary
  • Brad Bierman
  • Scott Bronenberg

We hope you enjoy our webinar and will consider attending future webinars that we offer


Study: Young Americans Scan QR Codes More Than Europeans


QR Code scanning in London

Despite efforts by the BBC, Europeans are less avid qr code scanners than are young Americans.


When it comes to QR Code scans, the USA is #1.  According to a recent study by Pitney Bowes, more Americans are scanning QR codes than our European friends are.  The same study showed that 19% of all Americans had scanned a QR code.



ATS Presents Seminar at Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Please join us for a FREE SEMINAR on Mobile Marketing.

Mobile Marketing 2013:  Your Message on the Move

Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 PM


Mobile Marketing Promotions for Nightclubs

If you are looking for a way to reach young adults, email is so yesterday.  Young adults live on their mobile phones, but I don’t really need to tell you that.

One great way for nightclubs to promote is to use a Custom QR code that leads to a mobile site.  We took over the mobile marketing promotions for Brownie’s, a college nightclub in Ardmore, PA, a few years ago.  One of the first things that we did was took their black & white QR code and made it into a Custom QR Code with the nightclub’s logo inside of it.  We also customized it with colors.  This simple change resulted in an improved scan rate of 2.3 times.

The QR code scan takes the customer to a mobile website.  The student/customers are also encouraged to Text Brownies to 84444 to opt-in its text message marketing club.



QR Code Program Offers Athletes Innovative Way to Get Recruited

One of our favorite customers is a unique mobile website called ReQRuitME.  With

ReQRuitme uses a QR Code as an integral part of getting athletic scholarships.

ReQRuitme uses a QR Code as an integral part of getting athletic scholarships.

ReQRuitME, aspiring college athletes are able to promote themselves to coaches via a QR Code.

Coaches can scan the athlete’s QR code and be taken to their unique mobile web page.

At a recent lacrosse convention, ReQRuitME was there promoting its product to high school lacrosse stars.  We got one of these nifty mugs with the QR code on it.

Click here to LIKE ReQRuitME’s Facebook page.

image 2


STUDY: 19% of Americans Have Scanned a QR Code

A new study by Pitney Bowes shows that 19% of Americans have scanned a QR Code.

Pitney Bowes also studied other countries: UK – 15%; Germany – 14%; France – 12%.

Of course, like most new technologies, the younger you are, the more likely that you are a QR Code scanner.  Of 18-24-year-olds in the United States, 39% have scanned a QR Code.  Of 25-34?s, 36% have scanned.

Magazines lead the way when asked where the QR Code scans are taking place with 15% having scanned there.

In a previous post from a late 2011 study, we showed that slightly more than 20% of Americans had scanned a qr code at that point.  And, a more recent study of QR Codes from January, 2013 showed why consumers scanned QR Codes.

Download the pdf story here.


How Small Businesses Can Prepare for Customer Mobile Use

Mobile use is impacting business. Customers are using their mobile phones to compare products, conduct research, read reviews and make purchases. Small businesses need to have a plan in place to make the most of the customer mobile use. According to a and Lab42 survey, 84 percent of small businesses that use mobile marketing techniques report an increase in new business for their efforts. Customers are using smartphones to make purchase decisions and small businesses need to be ready. While small business may not have the budget to create an app, they can still prepare for customer mobile use in other ways.
Local mobile marketing for small businesses


Optimize Your Website

An easy to navigate map to your business is a critical part of a local mobile website.

An easy to navigate map to your business is a critical part of a local mobile website.

While creating a mobile app takes a large financial and time investment that small businesses can’t always  afford, if youhave a website it’s important to make sure your site is ready for mobile visitors. Make it easy for customers to get what they need from your website without too much pinching or scrolling. Even if you can’t have a mobile specific site, you just design your website so that no matter what device someone is using, tablet, laptop or smartphone, they can find what they are looking for. Consider how their mobile phone is essentially a customer-based mobile POS system – orders need to be placed with a software anyone can understand.

Quick Tip: Have your contact information easy to click and easy to read. Customers can use mobile devices to find your business, place an order or make reservations and get directions all on one device at one time.
Fast Stat: Two-thirds of smartphone users say a mobile-friendly site makes them more likely to buy a company’s product or service, and 74 percent say they’re more likely to return to the site later (Sterling Research and SmithGeiger).

Get Local

Small businesses need to play up the fact that they are locally-based. Local, return customers are what keep small businesses booming and in business year after year. Appeal to local customers or those visiting your area by embracing local marketing. From SEO to social media mentions, make sure you embrace your location and let those in your area know where you are and if there are any special sales going on they should be aware of.

  • Quick Tip: Make sure you focus some of your SEO efforts to location-oriented keywords and have your business listed in Google Places. You’ll want to rank well in mobile, location-specific searches.
  • Fast Stat: 64 percent of tablet owners search weekly for local businesses on tablets while 61 percent of smartphone conduct local searches from their mobile device (comScore).


Be Present on Social Media

From Yelp to Twitter, your business needs to have a presence on social media. By responding to comments, having discounts for people who check-in to your business and engaging with customers on platforms they access via smartphones, you can connect with customers who are in the process of deciding whether or not to visit your business.

Quick Tip: Claim your business at Foursquare’s business resources area. You can provide updates and special offers for local users and invite customers to write reviews of their experiences on Yelp.
Fast Stat: Small businesses are often local business. 15 percebt of local searchers found local businesses from social networking sites (comScore).

As more and more customers make the switch to smartphones from traditional cell phones, small businesses need to have a plan ready. By focusing on local marketing, making your website mobile-friendly and be presenting on social media, your small business can prepare for customer mobile use without breaking the bank. If optimizing your website isn’t possible, be sure to get social and have your location visible for whoever stops by your website or social network accounts. With just a few steps, small businesses can start creating engagement with their smartphone-carrying customers.

Author Bio: Erica Bell is a small business writer who focuses on topics such as inbound call centers for small businesses and business_com1mobile marketing. She is a web content writer for


Mobile Optimization: 2013′s Most Exciting Opportunity

Digital marketers agree.  And, so do we.

The most exciting opportunity in 2013 is mobile optimization.  That’s why ATS has recently begun its own mobile seo division as mobile SEO becomes more and more closely linked to mobile marketing.

“It’s an integral element of mobile marketing that we must now provide to be a fully rounded mobile marketing agency,” said Bob Bentz, president of ATS.



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