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QR Codes Bring out the Voyeur in You

Axe Body Spray QR Code

By scanning the QR Code from Axe Body Spray, users were able to get voyeuristic videos of women that they would never have been able to see before.

There are really some amazing things that can be done with QR Codes.  QR Codes take a bad rap only because so many advertisers are not adding any creativity to their use.

Not Axe Body Spray.  Take a look at this voyeuristic use of QR Codes – a great promotion by Axe.


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Sunlight Creates QR Codes in Korea

Yesterday, we talked about the great QR Code campaign that would be possible to Buy the World a Coke.

Today, we look at a real and equally innovative use of QR Codes as done by EMart in Korea.



VIDEO: Largest QR Code Made of Fruit Boxes

QR Codes orange crates

WOW! World’s largest QR Code made from orange crates!


Watch as a crew in Mexico build the largest QR Code ever made out of fruit boxes in this advertisement for Volkswagen.

If you want to see the largest gallery of custom QR Codes on the web, click here.




Now You Can Buy the World a Coke from Your Mobile Phone

When it comes to mobile, we are only limited by our imagination.  And, what we imagine today with mobile will become reality tomorrow.

Take a step back in time to the iconic “I’d like to teach the World to Sing” promotion by Coca-Cola and see what Coke could do, with today’s technology, to make it reality to “Buy the World a Coke.”  See how Coca-Cola’s “Hilltop” was re-imagined. Now you can send a Coke to a stranger across the world from your phone.



Tablet Use and TV

Do you sit in front of the TV with your laptop or tablet in hand?  It makes sense to use it to search for products that may have been advertised on TV.

Here’s the stats of how many of us do use our tablets while watching television.



Pay Per Clicks on Mobile

As we near the holiday season, mobile’s share of paid search traffic normally rises.  This correlates with the pay per click advertiser-sponsored programs that run on Google and BING usually for mobile searches for local businesses.

Of course, if you are paying for clicks on mobile, it is reasonable to expect that you already have a website that is optimized for mobile, isn’t it?


Mobile’s share of paid search traffic continues to rise.




Top Categories for Local Mobile Search

We’ve been saying for a long time that restaurants are perhaps the most viable candidate for mobile websites.  The fact is that restaurants remain the top local search vertical market for mobile search.  That’s why your restaurant needs a mobile website.


Restaurants are the most searched for vertical category in local mobile search, thus making a restaurant mobile website a key element in a restaurant’s mobile marketing mix.


Barcodes Now 60 Years Old

Here’s a neat infographic about the history of the barcode and the more recent QR Code.  And, no, Santa Claus is still not using them for inventory control or promotions.

 History of the Barcode



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