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Pretty Canadian Girl Shows Love for

Luxie is a pretty young woman in Canada that sent supports our mobile marketing site.  Luxie’s employer had some great success with using 84444 for her business.

Mobile marketing in Canada is in its infancy so few customers are receiving many text message promotions on their Blackberry’s and other cell phones.  That really helps the messages stand out, said Luxie.  We agreee that Luxie is a standout.

Luxie and her company had some great success with mobile marketing platform


Smartphone Sales Second Quarter 2012

Smartphone sales in the second quarter of 2012 showed a decline over the same period in 2011 as less Americans needed to upgrade from their feature phones to the newer smartphones.

Apple closed the gap on Android and now has 1/3 of the overall market share.  Blackberry continued its demise and now controls just 6% of the USA market for smartphones.


Dumb Phone Users Migration to Smart Phones Continues

OK, I admit it.  “Dumb phones” is one of those terms that I have been known to make up for myself.  But, a recent study by Comscore shows Americans are migrating more and more from dumb phones (feature phones) to smartphones.

In April 2011, 38% of new phones purchased by then current feature phone owners were for smartphones.  In April, 2012, however, 47.5% of feature phone owners made the switch to smartphones.

This girl used to be a feature phone owner.

If you would like to see the breakdown of smartphone ownership by age and income, click here.

What does this mean for mobile marketing?  What it means is greater data usage and increased downloads of apps and other advanced mobile marketing tools.


The Cell Phone and Television

If you live in Canada, you know that there are a lot of late night interactive TV game shows where the viewer calls to participate in the TV game show.

But, how many people use their cell phone while watching television?  Here’s some stats from Pew that show you how often we are talking and texting while watching television: 52% of us do it.  And, its no surprise that the multi-tasking younger generation are most likely to watch TV with cell phone in hand — 81% of adults 18 to 24 do so.


cell phone use while watching TV
Multi-tasking: cell phone and television viewing


Now, what are those television viewers doing other than sitting on their couch with their cell phones?  This graphic explains why they are using those cell phones in the first place.  In fact, 9% of us have voted for a reality TV contestant via an 800 number or via text message voting.

Why use cell phone while watching TV
58% of us use our cell phones to keep us occupied while the commercials are on.


Get more info from phone while watching TVGet more information from your cell phone while watching TV.

Brookwood and Advanced Mobile team up for Mobile Learning partnership

Brookwood’s award winning eLearning Solution Development Team has partnered with the Advanced Mobile’s software Development Group to create custom LMS integrated iPad learning applications.  These robust un-tethered solutions follow industry-standard design best practices and integrate with SCORM-compliant learning management systems to deliver a complete the loop of learning.  “This is the perfect marriage for Brookwood”, says Jacqueline Beck, SVP of eLearning. “We have decades of experience in creating custom content, and now we can implement this vast  knowledge base with one of the best top-quality mobile development groups in the country.  Advanced Mobile understands how to integrate complex data streams into custom mobile applications…together we can leverage our ideas with their programming expertise to bring any simulation or training scenario to life on an iPad.”
Brookwood specializes in the creation of custom learning content designed to work with any SCORM-compliant LMS. Brookwood will be demonstrating their iPad delivery technology at the upcoming Mobile Learning Conference in San Jose June 19 -21. “The tablet is the fastest ramping mobile device in history, said Jeff Kase, Advanced Mobile Chief Technology Officer.   A key feature of our application allows the program to operate offline. Traveling executives can now work in airplane mode offline and at their next connection; the iPad is immediately synchronized with the corporate LMS to update their training profile”.   “This completes the loop for mobile learning with high-end simulation training, soft skills training and procedure-based training. Companies can work with us to design one learning program and deploy it to multiple platforms”, says Beck.
Brookwood Media offers comprehensive and flexible learning and training solutions combined with industry leading best practices; focus on learning strategies, consistent content development, dedication to quality, and knack for innovation. As a well-established, nationally known, eLearning solution provider with a mission to provide green training solutions that provide organizational impact and the greatest Return On Investment (ROI), we have worked with leading organizations, where our solutions effectively trained individuals in skills and critical information for pennies on the dollar.  Our continued dedication to our client’s training needs creates a true long term, business beneficial partnership.
Brookwood’s capabilities include content development, instructional design, multimedia development, consulting, knowledge transfer – design, development, and support.  Platform independent, our solutions cross a diverse range of delivery methods.
Advanced Mobile, LLC designs, develops and supports custom mobile and iPad/tablet solutions and software for consumer and enterprise delivery.  Since 2006 we have brought to each engagement a shared partnership with our clients allowing them to completely outsource the mobilization of their business. Our strength lies in deploying solutions which seamlessly handle multiple, complex and real‐time data feeds. Advanced Mobile is proud of a customer list which includes CBS College Sports, AT&T, IBM, SAP America, American Express, Conde Nast, the United States Golf Association and Comcast.
About Brookwood
Incorporated in 1995, Brookwood Media Arts,  ( provides cutting-edge eLearning, web, and training solutions to corporate America.  With over a decade of creating eLearning solutions for the most successful corporations in America, Brookwood Media Arts has earned its reputation as a leading, innovative eLearning Solutions Provider. Brookwood offers the most comprehensive and flexible learning and training solutions in the industry today combined with an unfaltering focus on learning strategies, consistent content development, dedication to quality, and knack for innovation.  Our capabilities include content development, instructional design, multimedia development, consulting, knowledge transfer, and support.  Platform independent, our solutions cross a diverse range of delivery methods.  Our blended approach of developing online training in combination with the client’s business objectives, provide a competitive edge for our clientele, and the greatest economic return on their investment.


Smartphone Operating System Market Share

Android continues its dominance over its competitors in its share of the 2012 Mobile Operating System smartphone market.  The study was conducted by Nielsen in June 2012.


Mobile Marketing Tactics for 2013

By the end of the year, 76% of all companies will have created a mobile optimized version of their desktop website, according to a June 2012 study by IBM.  Currently, 46% of companies worldwide are using a mobile website and only 10% of businesses have no intention of creating a mobile website.  Worldwide New Media Market Model predicts that access to websites via mobile phone will outpace that of desktop Internet by 2015.  Right now, mobile websites are about 85% cheaper to design than mobile apps.  Time flies, so don’t be left behind in this mobile savvy world.

Mobile applications are also a strategic mobile marketing investment.  76% of business will also have a mobile app created for their business by June 2013.  45% of companies are currently using them, but 88% are predicted to be participating in this marketing technique in the future.  The great thing about mobile apps is that once it is downloaded onto a smartphone, Internet connection is no longer necessary.  Plus, your company’s icon appears on the consumer’s cell phone screen so you’re always there – top of mind.  It’s like a walking billboard in their pocket.

Another marketing tactic that is a necessary investment for businesses is text message marketing.  55% plan to be involved with SMS campaigning by the end of 2013.  Currently, 32% of business use mobile marketing via text.  With 94% of all text messages being opened immediately upon receipt, you can’t ignore this one-on-one marketing medium.  The beauty of text message marketing is that it allows you to send your message at the right time to just the right people – those who want it!

Mobile Marketing Tactics Companies Worldwide Are Currently Using/Plan to Use, 2012 (% of respondents)

E-mail marketing may seem old fashioned or outdated – and that may be the case – but that is why you need to mobile optimize your e-mails.  Currently 35% of companies are sending out mobile versions of e-mails and that number is expected to increase to 68% by the end of next year.  In today’s fast-paced world, your prospects are on the go – keeping their mobile phones close by at all times.  In fact, 91% of consumers have their mobile device within reach 24/7.  Can you afford not to be within their reach?

Location-based targeting is another successful marketing technique.  With small shops and businesses, this is a very affordable and effective way to market your products or services.  Currently, 27% of businesses are using this technique.  That number is projected to be at 49% by the end of 2013.

As the growth of mobile continues to explode, so does your opportunity to reach this vast audience.  The projection of mobile advertising over the next year is predicted to grow largely.  Currently only 25% of companies are running advertisements on cell phones.  Over the course of a year, that number is expected to reach 59%.

Savvy cell phone users are smart consumers – using mobile to shop, do price comparisons, make reservations and more.

Smart consumers require smarter marketing.  Get on the mobile marketing bandwagon and deliver information to your prospects the way they want it – fast and easy!


Get Your Game Face On

With the application of QR codes on the rise, new ways to use them are being found every day.  QR codes are currently being employed to connect patrons to a wide range of data like mobile websites, videos, surveys, sweepstakes, and more.  You can currently find QR codes anywhere, specifically packaging, magazines, and billboards.  Although their first purpose was to replace barcodes while tracking inventory, many industries have adopted their use and even created custom QR codes for their company’s benefit.

But the one vertical that seems to have not utilized the power of QR codes is the online gaming market.  Online gamers are probably the most tech savvy consumers in today’s society and would find the exploitation of QR codes extremely interesting.  More top online casino sites and game developers should embrace the great value of QR codes and implant them throughout their websites or games.  These QR codes could lead them to content that tells them more about the game, gives them hints, or gives them bonus coins.

mii qr codesNintendo has currently welcomed the use of QR codes by allowing consumers to share their Mii characters as QR codes.  After creating a Mii, a QR code is developed that can be scanned by others so they can download that particular character onto their Nintendo 3DS.  You no longer need to put in the extra effort of creating your own and/or famous video game characters in Mii form.  You can mooch off the work of others and easily download well-known characters like Mario and Luigi onto your Nintendo 3DS with one simple scan.

On the other hand, online gaming sites seem to be using QR codes more for advertising bits.  Instead of having to type in a URL on your computer after seeing an ad in a magazine, newspaper, or billboard, a consumer can simply scan a QR code and be connected with the site almost immediately.  More and more online gaming sites are using QR codes as their marketing medium to allow patrons to interact with their website right away.

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