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What is the Best Placement For a QR Code?

What is the Best Placement For a QR Code? Magazines, Newspapers or Other Print Media?

I selected Magazine as the best place for a QR Code and here is why:

QR Code AleveMost people who read a newspaper are focused on a particular section (news, sports, dating, etc.) So to place a QR Code in a newspaper immediately limits your audience based on category. Above that, most people who read newspapers, are there to READ the newspaper, possible taking it on the go or even a quick morning read. They are focused on the story line vs. the graphics. Even more, newspaper QR Codes, restrict SOME ability to customize a QR Code. The way newspapers are printed (ink) limits scan percentage. Lets not also forget about those who read these newspapers outside in the sunlight or even at night. Putting a QR Code for your product can fail tremendously and give bad experiences.

As for Print Advertisements, not including magazines and newspapers, there is room for success. The issue with companies putting QR Codes on posters and banners, is the placement. Companies are not using common sense. For example: Look at QR Codes in subways, not many phones have signal let alone internet connection when near the tracks. Giving a bad experience will limit the user scanning to come back for more. How about another example: movie posters, the QR Codes are being placed in the bottom corner which is only about half of an inch big. Because companies mass produce their ads some will be successful and some will ultimately fail when using print advertisements.

Now for Magazines, there is possible failure but more room for success. Users who read a magazine are not only reading for content, but photos as well. Studies show that there is a better chance of a user scanning through a full magazine vs. a full newspaper (obviously because its shorter). Another benefit of a magazine is the fact that they are often passed on to others, maybe through a doctors office or in a company waiting room. When reading a magazine we are taking the time to skim through it. This is why QR Codes should best be placed in magazines. To go even further, there is a less percent of error when printing in a magazine, due to its ink and paper quality. There is also the ability to add more color and branding to a QR Code that is printed though this media.Why not take creative advantages and go custom with your QR Code!

About the author: Frank Mazza is the mobile developer and QR Code expert for mobile marketing firm Advanced Telecom Services (ATS), which has developed Custom QR Codes and mobile Web campaigns for clients such as Polo Ralph Lauren, CNN, Subway, Sprint, Garnier, Comcast, USL Lacrosse and the National Football League. See some of ATS’ unique QR Codes here.



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