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QR Codes for Nightclubs

Brownie’s 23 East was a nightclub that caters to the college crowd in the western suburbs of Philadelphia.  Each night, it entertains college students from St. Joseph’s University, Cabrini, and Villanova.

The nightclub used a custom QR Code from Advanced Telecom Services.  When customers scanned the qr code on their smartphones, they go to the mobile microsite that Advanced Telecom Services had built for them.  The microsite for Brownie’s included information on specials, upcoming bands, and mobile coupons.  It also allows users to Like their Facebook site.

Brownie’s also used text message marketing to keep its customers informed about what is going on at the nightclub.  Wednesday was a big night for Brownie’s and they regularly sent out broadcast text messages on Wednesday afternoons.  To join the Brownie’s text club, text BROWNIES to 84444.

Brownie’s 23 East used a custom qr code, embedded with their logo, to drive customers to its mobile website.


Really? How to Take Charge of Your Mobile Phone Problem

This humorous commercial from Windows Phone shows us just how crazy it is to be a mobile phone user today.


QR Codes for Magazines: A Glamourous Debut for QR Codes

September Issue of Glamour Logs 512,339 Scans

Glamour magazine

Glamour’s September 2011 issue received over half a million QR Code scans.

The September issue of Glamour magazine logged over 500,000 QR Code scans  for its social edition.  Based on Glamour’s circulation of 2 million, that works out to 1 in 4 readers that scanned the various QR Codes in the magazine.

Glamour pushed the download of the mobile app called “Friends & Fans”.    The result of the scan was a short cut to an advertiser’s Facebook page and a corresponding discount coupon by participating in a “Like” of the brand.  The result for the consumer was a positive experience resulting in savings, primarily on cosmetic products.  Participating brands included Skinny Cow, Lancome, Gap, and HTC, among others.

Other magazines should take notice.  According to Jenny Bowman, the creative services director at Glamour, “we were able to attract 25 advertisers into that issue that wanted to build likes on Facebook.”



QR Code Scans Lead to Purchases

Half of all smatphone owners have scanned QR Codes and 18% of them made a purchase after scanning a QR Code, according to a new survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey.

More statistics show that 21% of those who scanned a QR Code shared that information with somebody else.

Most find scanning a QR Code to be easy — 70% said so.  This statistic is surprising to me given that QR Codes are relatively new, but since they are currently the bastion of savvy smartphone users, I guess it’s believable.

Unfortunately, getting valuable information didn’t score as well.  Too many sites must simply be linking the QR Code to an unmobilized website.  Only 41% found the information they received to be partcularly useful.

“The fact that two in five found the information provided through QR code to be useful show there is a big opportunity for marketers is to create better directed information to consumers,” said Jeffrey McKenna, senior consultant, Chadwick Martin Bailey, of Boston.


WebFriends Sponsors Sports Radio Talk Show

WebFriends, the online dating site of Advanced Telecom Services, is sponsoring a sports talk radio show Spadora on Sports. WebFriends will be the official sponsor of the Spadora on Sports two hour talk radio show from late December through the end of January. Online dating shows a usual surge in new profiles at the start of the new year so the sponsorship coincides with that traditional surge.

Spadora on Sports and the WebFriends sponsorship reaches 21 markets including sports talk radio stations in Boston and Chicago. Its male demos are strong and since more women have online dating profiles, WebFriends is looking to increase its male members.

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