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Custom QR Codes Gobble Up Revenue

Thanksgiving QR CodesQR Codes are making its mark this holiday season. Thanksgiving is just a few days away, and the start of what will be the official beginning of QR Code technology in the United States. You may have already noticed the increased amount of QR Codes in retail; but you have seen nothing yet.

Retail stores are using QR Code walls as a way to purchase products without waiting in line. The Holiday season will go from red and green to black and white. It will soon be in our daily routine to scan a QR Code as soon as we see it. But will it last past the Christmas Season?

Many technology critics believe QR Codes will not last long, and that they will soon become a broken record. It seems possible because of the lack of knowledge people have of QR Codes. Since QR Codes can be made for free, the average Joe can simply make one himself instead of paying an ad agency.  This could be what will ultimately cause the QR Codes extinction in the United States.

When placing a QR Code we need to push for the best possible scan rate. We need to be aware of sizing issues, as well as what’s behind the code.  The user, who scans the code, should be sent to a mobile landing page. Make the user interested in scanning your code. The average Joe should look for professional support and not take on the role by their self.

If you’re looking to make a statement and have your brands stand out among the crowd. Use Custom QR Codes by adding images to your QR Code. Personalizing your QR Code, could lead to a massive increase in scan rates. ATS QR Codes, a company based in Wayne PA, is the perfect company to work with when look for custom QR Codes for the Holidays. They have worked with companies such as CNN, Sprint, and Polo Ralph Lauren.

Having your code customized can really jump the line in a competition. When using a custom QR Code this holiday season, to go through a professional who specializes in QR Code promotions (IT WILL MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE).

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